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A custom-built home for a young Indian couple

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Never underestimate the power of decoration and the transforming role of interior design, which with the use of creativity and proper choice of materials, furniture, colors and unique solutions can make significant changes and add beauty and convenience to spaces. 

Today we landed in  Feira de Santana , inland of Bahia, to present a simple but simply stunning interior design, signed by the DM  Architecture and Engineering studio , which sought to meet the practical needs and tastes and preferences of the house owners, prioritizing comfort, functionality and a clean and modern aesthetic. Curious to unveil all the angles and  charms of this  residence? Then check out more pictures and more details of this incredible interior design, tailor made for a young couple, who with simple ideas and solutions completely transformed this apartment into a cozy, super practical and timeless style. 

Living room

This interior design sought to create a modern aesthetic which is clean and also timeless, so that the appearance of the environment preserves its freshness and youthful appearance. As a result, the project made use of predominantly light and neutral colors. In the living room the color which predominates is white. The furniture stands out for its contemporary design. The white sofa is highlighted with gray paint on the back wall, which in turn gains prominence with direct lighting, with three spotlights embedded in the ceiling. 

Double bed room

This bedroom for a couple exudes romance and charm. The space has been fully equipped and decorated to meet the practical needs of the couple. The headboard of the bed decorated with a beige upholstered panel and a large mirror panel integrated into the room adds a more personal touch to the ambiance. 

Exclusive panel

This bedroom does not have a very clear distribution between bedroom and closet. The spaces intersect. In addition to the exclusive dressing table, the room gained a shelf made of MDF which houses TV and personal items, adding practicality without compromising circulation and spatial organization.

Living room again

The living room is conceived as a unique and ample space which can be integrated with the dining room and the balcony. The living room decoration consists of white furniture, which dialogues with the color palette of the environment, such as the porcelain floor and white walls.The lighting and glossy surfaces of the porcelain tile and lacquered furniture also enhance the elegance and sophistication of the environment.

Gourmet balcony

One of the great attractions of Residência Ferreira is the gourmet balcony integrated into the living room. The project converted the balcony into an extension of the convivial space. This was one of the demands of the young couple, who wanted a bigger and more practical space to receive their friends. The wooden table and the designer furniture exude an atmosphere of relaxation.

Ceramic tile panel

The balcony decoration sought to give a rustic touch to the environment, so as to make a counterpoint with the predominantly white surfaces. The wall next to the granite countertop, which also houses a cabinet made of custom-made joinery is a beautiful panel of tiles with colorful prints which gives a touch of color and distraction to the environment. The lighting also plays a role in highlighting the detail in the tiles.

Dining room

The aesthetics of the dining room follows the style that guides the interior design of the rest of the house. Neutral colors predominate in the dining room, with predominantly white and glossy surfaces, such as the white lacquered dining table. A glass cabinet  embedded in the masonry with special lighting adds functionality and elegance to the environment.


The color palette of the kitchen also takes advantage of the shades of white and truffle, giving a clean aesthetic and a touch of elegance to the environment. The kitchen also has a porcelain floor, ceramic tiles and granite countertops. The planned cabinets guarantee the practicality and the optimization of the space. The lower doors were executed in wood and painted with enamel paint and the upper doors were executed in glass. 


The MDF bookcase painted white divides the bedroom from the closet. The shelf in the center of the room has at its bottom four drawers, facing the side of the closet. The closet cabinets were tailor made for the clients a with glass finish. 

There is no doubt of the clients' satisfaction with this interior design, which has adapted all the spaces so as to meet the practical needs and the tastes and preference of the owners, privileging practicality, comfort and a charming timeless style.

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What did you like most about the interior design of this home? Please share with us in the comments section below. 
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