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20+ modern door ideas for your home

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It has been well said that doors and windows connect us to the outer world. In fact doors are the areas through which we make entry and exit to and from the house. After the façade, it is the door which welcomes one to the main house. Therefore, it is obvious that the choice of the door should be done with careful attention. Door designs have evolved with time. There are many modern door designs, which are extremely beautiful and they come in diverse models.

Along with models and designs, the materials of which doors are made up of also vary from one another. Some of the most common materials are aluminum, wood, glass or combinations of these. There are endless possibilities and will depend upon the choice and preference of the customer. Whether your home has contemporary design and décor or you have traditional settings, there are door varieties for each setup. Use door designs for modernizing and upgrading your home.

Doors in modern homesshould not only add elegance to the property, but also be able to provide complete security. And when we talk about doors, it is not only about the main entrance door, but also about the interior doors so that overall uniformity is maintained in the house. With the right choice of doors, you can bring in the best modern finishing to the house you have been looking for.

Types of doors you need for the house

While remodeling or remaking your home, be careful in choosing the right kinds of finishes for the property. This will include floor and wall coverings along with the right kinds of doors for the house. The doors should be chosen in a manner so that they are completely in sync with the home settings, style, color and décor.

Among the different doors in the house, the entrance door is the most important one. This door should not only be good looking and high on aesthetic value, but should also be able to provide optimum security and protection to the property. The lovely looking grey door in the image comes with automatic locking system. The door closes when it fits into the frame automatically. There is no need of a key for locking the door. So even if you forget to lock the door, you need not worry.

In case security is a concern for you, it is recommended to invest in new door lock technologies like numeric keyboards or reinforcements. These will provide additional protection to your house for sure.

Interior doors

After the main entrance door, it is time to concentrate on the interior doors in the house. Ensure that the interior doors look the same all throughout the house so that there is coherence in the interior decor. They should be of the same colour, same material and same style and design. There are wide varieties of materials in which interior doors are made. Some common ones among them include aluminium, PVC, wood, glass or a combination of these.

Check the image above and you will find an interesting Closet doors with interior door design. The interior door looks sophisticated, which is framed by the border in black and white style and design. Such doors look perfect for bedrooms, room doors and other spaces.

Closet doors

Stylish closet doors can enhance the beauty of a room significantly. In fact, this can be an integral part of the room décor as well. There are many varieties of closet doors and closets to choose from. Usually these doors have a modern appeal. It is also possible to experiment with the closet door design and style and come up with new and innovative proposals.

What are the advantages and benefits of having modern doors at home?

·    Higher safety and security – It is needless to say that all modern doors rank high on the safety meter. Best quality materials are being used in the making of the doors making them strong and tough. Along with this various kinds of technological innovations is also being implemented in the doors for additional safety.

The materials used and the construction of the doors play a pivotal role in deciding the amount of security being provided by the door. A strong and tough door can look good and offer ultimate protection at the same time. Special reinforcements are used in the door constructions to provide them additional strength and power. The lock and the face get protection from the frame. Custom made doors are also available along with doors in standard sizes.

·        Modern doors are versatile – Another advantage of modern doors is that they are extremely versatile in nature. Only wooden doors are not the choice for you. There are various other materials which can be used in the making of the doors so that they are in perfect matching with the contemporary ambience of the home. Glass doors are the best examples in this regard. Since glass doors are transparent, they let in abundant amounts of light. If you are looking to create divisions between rooms without blocking light, there is no better option than that of glass doors for the same.

·        Preserving originality in modern homes – Expression of personal style can be best done through installation of modern doors. This is because these doors have unparalleled originality. Different colors can be tried in the doors, which will match with the interior settings. Choosing the right colour for the doors will help in adding warmth and comfort to the interiors as well as exteriors of the property.

Tips for choosing best quality doors for the house: keep the budget into consideration for sure

Budget is one of the most important considerations which you need to keep in mind while renovating your property or while building a brand new home altogether. If you have an idea of the budget, you will be able to plan as what kind of materials you can use or what kind of design you can implement in the home and so on.

Plan all the doors that you want to install in the house. For instance, the main entrance door is the most important one to consider and it will be more expensive than the other doors. Note down things that you want in the entrance door – right from the material to the style to the security systems and so on. Set your priorities and make your purchases likewise so that you get the best thing within your budget.

The size of the home is important

The size of the home plays an important part in deciding the kind of door that should be installed. There might be standard gates in the house, but there are spaces where doors are needed in different sizes and designs for filling up the spaces effectively. For small houses, it is recommended to have doors in the same color as the walls. This provides an illusion of wider walls and the room looks spacious as a whole.

Right place for finding door experts

Now that you know the kinds of doors you want for yourhouse, you know about the model that you liked best for the entrance as well as the entrance doors, you have fair idea of the budget – it is time that you look for the best door expert and professional at Homify.

Fix appointments and ask for quotes and proposals from various vendors. Compare the proposals and offers. Ask them directly regarding the time taken for manufacturing and installing the doors. Once done, it is time for you to wait and get the installation process done so that you can have elegant and modern doors in the home.

Ideas for doors: futuristic touch to the door

There are innumerable possibilities to explore when it comes to modern architecture. They are no longer restricted to coatings and reduced materials. Check out this highly futuristic door design with this metallic door. The door comes with silver finishes and imparts a shine to the entrance. And the luster is subtle and beautiful.

Ideas for doors: combination of materials

Combination of materials is nothing new for door designs.There can be combinations of wood and glass, of PVC and aluminum and so on. However, ensure that the same combination is repeated all throughout the doors in the house for maintaining uniformity. For instance, if glass is used, try glass doors throughout. You can also use combinations with glass for creating consistent décor.

Ideas for doors: for house interiors avant-garde designs

Readymade doors or doors with avant-garde deigns can inspire you for sure. You can order such doors and look for finishes that you want. This is mainly applicable for the entrance door as this is the door which makes the first impact. In fact, this door plays a major role in deciding the décor of the space.

Ideas for doors: transparent doors

Swing doors are quite common today and seen in many places. Along with such doors, you can also try tempered or transparent sliding doors in glass, which have super modern looks and appearance. These doors are absolutely perfect for small spaces. This is because the transparent glass can help in bringing light and make the area look spacious. Since the door is sliding, opening space can be saved for the door as well.

Ideas for doors: vinyl on doors

This is an extremely fun-idea of using vinyl on doors. The design on the vinyl should be something unique and interesting so that it can stimulate the sense of perspective well. Large format photographs are great ideas in this regard. Check out the vinyl on the door in the image and you can understand the difference a door can make in the place. A memorable and great impression is guaranteed.

Ideas for doors: working with transparencies

Take a look at the image. You cannot differentiate if it is a window or a door. Modern door settings come with flexibility and versatility. Therefore there are chances of experimenting with transparencies exceptionally well. In the image you can see that the transparent door and windows enable entry of maximum natural light into the room. As a result, the room looks spacious overall.

Ideas for doors: use of glass

Plain glass doors have their unique appeal and provide a kind of personality to transparent doors. Implementing some kind of design in the form of adhesive vinyl, engraving etc on the door minimises the chances of an accident greatly. Small children or elderly people might not be able to locate the transparent glass door and hurt themselves.

Ideas for doors: using colour in the way you want

If you thought colored doors look funny, you are highly mistaken. Colour can never be a limitation; never for a modern door. All colors and shades can be tried in modern doors; just they should not hamper the settings of the place. Check the door in the image in yellow. It looks pretty good. Modern environments mainly use neutral shades like beige, black, white, gray etc. Adding colors via the doors will bring in more energy to the space for sure.

Ideas for doors: double doors

The concept of double doors works exceptionally well when there is a large space. With a double door installation, it is possible to open one or two panels simultaneously at the same time.

Ideas for doors: excellent sliding doors

Decò Res Glass doors

Sliding doors can be really stylish if done in the right manner. Usually sliding doors will be of glass with metal frame. Appropriate for large spaces, these doors present innovative design for any large area and make the place look elegant and sophisticated.

Check out more door designs and ideas from the images below.

Most of the designs are done on wood and have combinations of other materials as well. Done in the extremely stylish manner, the doors, gel perfectly with the interior and the exterior settings of the house. Installation of the doors has been done by expert professionals for best results.

Which of these design inspired you? Let us know in the comments below.

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