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10 interesting furniture ideas for small bedroom

Kondal House Ravi Prakash Architect Asian style bedroom Engineered Wood Multicolored
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Bedroom is a place to relax and rejuvenate. It’s a room where we can be ourselves in the lap of the private space that we call ‘my room’. Bedrooms are not just all about beds and cupboards. It is about having the bed and cupboard with a touch of personal style and comfort in it. It is also about the imagination and creativity that we bring as furniture and change the persona of the room. A little bit of planning and innovative ideas in furniture can make a small bedroom really beautiful, comfortable and relaxing.

How? Well… let’s take a journey with us and have a look at these 10 unconventional furniture ideas for small bedroom.

​1. Optimum utilization of space

Sobha City, 3 BHK - Mr. Agrawal DECOR DREAMS Modern style bedroom

Sobha City, 3 BHK—Mr. Agrawal


The decoration of small room revolves around the maximum utilization of space. We cannot afford to waste the precious space available here. But be creative and add some beauty and drama with your quirky style. Television stand below the television fixed to the wall, stylish study table beside the dressing table, a hanging cabinet, wall to wall loft, sliding doors on the cabinet… take some clue from here and make yourself organized and comfortable.

​2. Clean and compact

This small bedroom has everything, a bed, cabinet, book shelves and even a study table. Everything is so well planned and designed that this small compact bedroom looks very clean and clear.

3. The mirror image

A comfortable double-bed for couple, night stand with drawers, box-shaped book shelves above the headboard and a cupboard with mirror on its door; the visual illusion created by the mirror doubles the size of the room.

4. Living in harmony

Let the furniture live in harmony in a small bedroom. Make all the furniture of the bedroom with same material and of same colour so that it doesn’t clash with each other and are in complete sync with one another. Wood is a good option because it looks elegant and classic.

​5. Bending the bed

It is sensible to have a furniture in a small bedroom that can be made into a comfortable sofa by folding it during day and then a bed by just opening and laying it to lie down. Use the vertical space for the cabinets. Be innovative and creative while designing the headboard of the sofa cum bed.

​6. Collapsible bed in the room

It is a challenge to design a personal space for the kids of the house. But then you can really be innovative while doing up their room. The collapsible bed is a great idea. Pull it when in need or else let it be hidden beneath. The steps on the wall are used for books, toys, etc. The study table that extends up to the bed is designed for two. Your kids will always cherish the beautiful memory of their room.

​7. Playing with the ideas

Modern Contemporary Premdas Krishna Modern style bedroom
Premdas Krishna

Modern Contemporary

Premdas Krishna

The curvy bed with wings that serve to be the nightstands and the double closet with sliding doors to save the space of the small room; the colour combination of the furniture makes the room look amazingly interesting. But we cannot ignore the beautiful cage lamp hanging from the corner.

​8. The gossip corner

MASTER BEDROOM - VIEW 1 homify Modern style bedroom Blue



Bedroom is a personal space where we would love to relax and rejuvenate with our loved ones. So why not make room for a gossip seat in your bedroom where the family can squeeze in. Use the window pane and transform it into a beautiful relaxing zone with bright and comfortable cushions. The left over area can be used to make space for souvenirs, books or cabinets.

​9. Creative and modern

DLF Woodland Heights, 3 BHK - Mrs. Darakshan DECOR DREAMS Modern style bedroom

DLF Woodland Heights, 3 BHK—Mrs. Darakshan


A small bed, small study table, a few box cabinets fixed on the wall and a vertically elongated cabinet turning with the corner, it’s a perfect furniture for a small room.

​10. Delightfully young

This is the room for couple who work hard and then enjoy their life to the hilt. There is a comfortable bed for two, a wall to wall cabinet with a break in the middle to build a worktable for two and a well-designed entertainment zone. Did you notice the entangled piece of furniture which can be dismantled to make seats when friends are invited into the room? It’s interesting!

If you are looking for some more ideas to design the couple bedroom, then this ideabook is just for you: 21 beautiful bedroom design ideas for couples

Which one of these ideas inspired you the most? Leave your comments please.
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