17 Do It Yourself garden ideas for your home

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Do you have a garden in your home and want to change its face for a change. Are you looking to handle the project by your own? There are many ways in which this change can be brought about and accomplished. Some of the ways in which this can be done are by creating a Zen garden, plant nursery, a vertical garden, hanging garden, stone garden, garden with fountain or even a cactus garden. Apart from planting different kinds of plants and trees, changes can be made by installing a hammock, adding a wooden bench to the area, making a cement bench, adding a decorative wheelbarrow or creating a portable fire pit in the garden. Other kinds of interesting elements can also be added as a part of the garden decoration like a stone path, elegant vases, colourful flower beds etc. Read on to know and discover the wide varieties of possibilities available and start working on them:

1. Creation of a vertical garden

Vertical gardens look awesome when they are done in the right manner. Infact the things needed for creating a vertical garden are readily available for reuse purpose. Check out the image and you can see that the vases have been fixed on sheets of wooden windows, which are no longer used. This whole setting has a very rustic appeal and changes the way the garden looks completely. In the other image, there is the wood and iron structure, which has resemblance to a bed head and imparts a romantic air to the vertical garden. Look out for similar things in the home which are lying unused and use them to create amazing vertical garden.

2. Creating a plant nursery

If the garden has a long wall, try installing wooden shelves in the place and place pots with plants in them on the shelves. The pots can either have seedlings or already growing plants. Having a nursery plant is a great option. If you are thinking of the décor strategy, work with pots of different sizes, shapes and colors and you will have a bright looking garden in no time at all.

3. The Zen garden

The concept of Zen garden is gaining immense popularity. The only things you will need for this kind of garden setup are plants in different heights and with different shades of green. Ensure that the plants are not too high as that might disrupt the beauty of the place. Lanterns in oriental-inspired designs can also be used along with white stones for the garden. Create a drawing initially and then fill in the plants, the white stones and other décor items in the garden for best effects. This is what makes a perfect Zen garden.

4. Garden with a fountain

If you think that you need a large garden for flaunting a fountain, you are mistaken. A garden with a fountain can just be a variation of the Zen garden. Check the image and you can see that the main décor of the garden is done with white stones and bamboo. There is a clay container, which holds the water. Apart from this setting, there is also another variation in the garden with a fountain. In this garden, the system is such that the water from the fountain flows and provides water to the plants in the flowerbed. There are specialist stores from where such fountains can be bought and they can be installed easily at home with operating instructions.

5. The stone garden

Looking to make your garden prominent and attractive? There is no better way in getting that done than using large colored stones in different shades spread all over the garden in the flowerbeds. There are many stores which specialize in dealing with wide varieties of stones for the garden and you can choose from them. Most importantly, the stones should be strategically placed in the garden for bringing out the best effects from the same and provide a beautiful change to the garden.

6. The hanging garden

If you don’t have ample space for the garden on the floor, you can always try hanging garden in such case. Hanging pots can change the way a garden looks completely. French hands are a common place from where the pots are hung. A pergola can also be of great help as it can be used for hanging vases and flower pots. The process is easy and simple, but the impact that is made is quite strong in changing the way the garden looks.

7. The cactus garden

If you want a garden in the small available space but do not want to invest too much time and care and maintenance for the same, having a cactus garden is the best option for you. Cactus gardens are very interesting to look at. You will not need many materials for setting a cactus garden as well – you will need a flowerbed, stones of different sizes and shapes and most importantly cacti of varying shapes and sizes. The results of having a cacti garden are simply splendid.

8. Garden in a wheelbarrow

A charming and well known decorative element for any garden is the wheelbarrow. You can either use an old wheelbarrow or invest in a wooden wheelbarrow as shown in the image for setting up the small garden in the same. Plant succulents and beautiful, colourful flowers in the wheelbarrow for giving the area bright look. These plants do not need much care and maintenance as well.

9. The colorful flower bed

Another way to enhance the appearance of the garden is to create lovely looking colorful flower beds. The design of the garden will be defined by the planting of various kinds of plants with different colors and use of white stones. The garden looks highly sophisticated and elegant.

10. Use of elegant vases

If you are looking for certain amount of sophistication in the garden, you can definitely try using these vases. The vases are tall and shiny and elegant in appearance and various kinds of shrubs and low trees can be planted in them easily. They make quite a great impact in the yard or garden.

11. Rustic clay pots

There are people who are fascinated with things that come with rustic appeal and style. For them, they can use clay pots in varying shapes, sizes and designs. Right from delicate flower plants to shrubs and small trees can be planted in these pots. Create small groups of these pots in different parts of the garden and see how they change the appearance of the place altogether.

12. Bench in the garden for relaxation

If you don’t want to work much but still want to make a change in the garden appearance, the best way to do the same is to install a bench in the garden. A wooden bench is the best choice in this regard as you can relax on it. Placing the bench at a strategic point is important so that it can be visible completely.

13. Stone path

Whether the stone path leads to the wooden bench or not is not important. With the white stone path, the garden gets a distinct appearance. The white stones are in complete contrast with the greenery of the garden and the plants. Walking on the stone path is also easier on rainy days when the ground is muddy.

14. A place to rest

Having a hammock in the garden is a great place to relax. This element can be easily in Brazilian gardens and backyards. You can either settle for this stylish hammock for the garden or you can try the traditional hammocks, which need to be tied to strong trees or pillars. The garden looks very stylish with this addition.

15. Enjoying portable bonfire

Your garden can have a portable fireplace and this can be a great invention for the garden. This fireplace will be in the form of a metal structure which will be able to hold firewood and charcoal. On cool nights, you can light up the fireplace and help in keeping people warm in the area. Place the structure in a safe place so that there are no chances of accidents.

16. Having a cement bench

If you have space in the garden, you can always construct a cement bench in the place. This is a practical and permanent way of making a sitting arrangement in the garden. Learn some masonry skills and you can make the bench on your own.

17. Garden bench

Check out this lovely piece of bench, which can be installed in the garden. The wooden bench has a rustic appeal and the charm of such furniture never goes out of style. Created of demolition wood, the bench has intricate flower details on the backrest.

Give some time to the garden and make these simple changes to transform it into a completely new place in the house you are going to love.

Which of these ideas have inspired you? Let us know in the comments below.

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