10 ideas to combine rustic and modern styles in your home decor

66 metri quadri, BRANDO concept BRANDO concept Modern living room
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You cherish the memories of your grandmother’s home, love the innate charisma of natural materials, like everything traditional or in short you are a great admirer of rustic charm and would love to infuse it in your home interior. However, you also are the one who love to follow the latest trends and would love to design your home with a modern touch in it. Then you are the one who have a traditional soul coexisting peacefully with modern mind and this ideabook is surely for you.

We have brought for you 10 amazing design ideas for your home that beautifully blends the rustic charm with modern style and brings the best of both worlds for you. Let’s dive in and get inspired! 

Even the most modern home can become enticingly charming with a touch of rusticity in it. It adds a raw charm in the fine contemporary decor and spreads mystical warmth in the environment which is very alluring.

1. The natural grandeur of stone

66 metri quadri, BRANDO concept BRANDO concept Modern living room

Think of rustic decor and the first thing that comes to mind is stones. The beauty of the stone is that it blends brilliantly with the modern decor and takes it to another level. The perfect way to incorporate this natural material in your modern room is by cladding the wall with it. Just see how beautiful is the marriage between the modern and rustic style in this stunning picture.

​2. Blending the materials

Kitchen design for small spaces, Holloways of Ludlow Bespoke Kitchens & Cabinetry Holloways of Ludlow Bespoke Kitchens & Cabinetry Industrial style kitchen Wood White Lighting

The selection of materials plays an important role in incorporating rustic feel in modern décor. Wood is widely used for making the furniture since centuries; however, the way it is treated gives it the rustic touch in modern style. Give the wood an untreated feel and retain its natural look. Then add metal, ceramics, glass and concrete to make the interior spectacular.

​3. Best of both worlds

APPARTAMENTO A PALERMO - 2013, Giuseppe Rappa & Angelo M. Castiglione Giuseppe Rappa & Angelo M. Castiglione Modern bathroom

This is the perfect merger of the contemporary style with rustic charm. The rustic beauty of stone and concrete wall and the furniture is well complemented and highlighted by modern lights and lighting. The result will leave you mesmerized.

4. Hold the ceiling

CASA PEQUENA, Arkstudio Arkstudio Rustic style study/office

Wooden beams holding the ceiling and a metal fireplace, these two things are quite appealing. Though they are of no use in modern homes but there is no harm in incorporating them in the decoration of your home just to give a rustic feel to it. Together or alone, it will surely make a valuable contribution to your modern décor.

5. Dividing it in a modern way

Casa de Fim de Semana, Luciana Savassi Guimarães arquitetura&interiores Luciana Savassi Guimarães arquitetura&interiores Rustic style dining room

Furniture is important in the interior of any home. A few simple tricks done with the furniture can give the home a distinct character and style. Use a modern piece of furniture to divide the space and in the process combine the beautiful rustic décor with contemporary design of the room in a practical way. Take a clue from here where an amazing bookcase has been used to partition the room in style.

​6. Wooden panel on the wall

46 Apartment, Damilano Studio Architects Damilano Studio Architects Modern kitchen

Wooden wall was very chic and trendy in the seventeenth century France. But over the years concrete replaced the wood. But still wood is favored to bring in the rustic charm of old world in your modern home. Wooden panels are available in many patterns, colours and finishing if you want to cover the wall with it. Or the other alternative is to go for the wall papers with wooden design. It comes with the same rustic charm and wooden feel but at a lesser cost.

​7. Niches on the wall

DFH Wängi, skizzenROLLE skizzenROLLE Country style bathroom Shelves

Traditionally the niches on the walls were created and used as shelves to store and keep things. Modern homes have cabinets and shelves for that. Chuck that modern shelves even if it an open one and replace it with the niches covered with stone or wood to give a traditional twist to your modern décor. You can plan to have the niches in the living room, dining room, bedroom or bathroom. Just make it look raw and beautiful.

​8. When rustic meets contemporary

There are many factors that can influence the final appearance of the interior of your home. Along with the texture and colour of the walls, material of the floor, fabric, furniture, lightings… accessories too have an important role to play. When the rustic look of the wall and floor meets with the modern furniture and a little detailing of the decorative accessories, the result is captivating. Isn’t it?

9. Small things can make a big change

homify Industrial style living room Stone Side tables & trays

You don’t have to do too much to make an impact. A little detail in design and decoration can add magic to the modern interior and completely change the feel of the space. Modern sofa with stone coffee table, wooden shelf with modern decoration pieces and each highlighted by a row of Edison lamps which is very contemporary but has a rustic charm to it.

10. A corner to relax

Casa privata, Riva1920 Riva1920 Modern living room Solid Wood

A modern design in natural wood gives these pieces of furniture a unique character. The natural materials are not sculpted in a traditional way but are crafted in a modern design to make it look very stylish. Even the painting on the wall matches the simplicity of this relaxing corner. Just go for it!

For some amazing ideas to decorate the wall of your home, click here.

We think that the rustic charm is adopted beautifully to complement the modern houses. What is your favorite design among these?

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