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30 spectacular bedrooms that will steal your heart

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The bedroom is a space designed for rest and relaxation. After arriving home from a long day of work, we seek comfort to replenish our tired bodies for the next day. This is why the bedroom must have minimum requirements such as sufficient natural ventilation and an artificial lighting system for night hours. It should also try to implement acoustic insulation in its design, while in terms of furniture, it must adapt to the shape of the place and the people residing in it, for example a double bed if it is for a couple and romantic elements and light colors that are relaxing. So take all the advice you can to inspire you…

1. A pastel color palette to reduce stress

Pictured here, we see a room with neutral colors and pastels that calm the mood, in addition a double bed with comfortable bedding is the first thing that must be considered to create a perfect bedroom, the rest is complementary. 

2. White is an excellent choice for rooms

This color is timeless and matches any decoration, it also visually enlarges the room where you are.

3. Contrast lighting

A well thought-out lighting system can not be lacking in a well thought-out integral design, it can highlight textures and the most important details of the decoration.

4. In simplicity is the taste

In simplicity is the taste, it is the first thing we notice when we see this image, where within a small space we find what is necessary for rest and relaxation.

5. Details that mark your personality

The most important thing for a design is that it suits your taste and personality, therefore you must choose the textures, pieces and furniture that appeals to you the most.

6. Textures achieve a change

If you have a boring room you can cheer it up a bit by placing elements with textures, such as rugs and woven sheets, but make sure everything has a subtle contrast at the least. 

7. Concrete as a decorative element

Nowadays concrete is so versatile that it appears as a decorative element, as well as the head of this bed, made with a custom design. 

8. Cream tones for good vibes

A room with cream tones attracts a lot of harmony, where each element brings an image together, forming a whole in perfect balance.

9. A mirror is the great ally to expand the spaces

Mirrors are the best allies we can have when it comes to visually expanding a bedroom or any part of the house. You can place a large mirror as the headboard of the bed to give it more depth.

10. Wallpaper and touches of pastel blue

Wallpaper is considered a trend within the world of decoration, so why not the bedroom? This bedroom has also placed touches of blue to enhance the atmosphere of this room.

11. Wood floor and ceiling

The option of placing wood on the floor is a very good idea, but on the ceiling too and it is a double party. In this bedroom a very cozy sensation is created, full of freshness and elegance.

12. Classic style plus chandelier type lamp

For lovers of the classic design, this proposal is one of the most beautiful, here soft and comfortable fabrics are mixed, with a headboard that matches the foot of the bed and embraced with a gold clasp and an elegant chandelier.

13. Modern, black and white

For an environment of masculine character you can play with black and white, between prints, furniture and some wall in gray.

14. Mix of details with a lot of texture

The elements that make up a room should not be the same, although you should mark a coherence, it is not necessary to match everything. The secret to a great bedroom is being able to place a mixture of textures and materials that combine together perfectly. 

15. With good finishes, a large space is defined

The idea of well finished finishes immediately achieves a bedroom that represents itself by its smooth walls, well-laid floors and furniture in good condition.

16. Taking advantage of a large bedroom with a curved bed

If your bedroom is very large, you can play with the furniture shapes such as the curved silhouette bed we see in this example.

17. Brick wall in sight

Brick walls are gaining more and more popularity, and it's not surprising as they have the ability to transform a common home into a house full of rustic style that can be mixed with more subtle touches such as a wooden floor.

18. Walls with movement

A background wall with relief generates pleasant sensations, besides leaving a basic interior design which applies movement.

19. A series of mirrors that form a plane

We have already mentioned that mirrors increase the sense of space, for this reason, this family wanted to dedicate a whole wall to mirrors in order to enlarge this little room even more.

20. An orderly and luminous environment

An environment full of bright light suggests a neat room, as this will undoubtedly highlight each element, so you need to take care of every detail.

21. Decorative contrast

The contrast between colors and materials is a combination that never seem to go out of style. Although they are cold, neutral colors, they can always be made more cozy by adding furniture or wooden floors.

22. It opens to your terrace

Nothing better than having a beautiful terrace near the bedroom, and there is no better way to communicate this than through sliding doors.

23. A canopy bed for a romantic touch

Dedicated to the most romantic, where a beautiful four-poster bed and many cushions steal all the sighs of the guests.

24. Multi-purpose shelves

Shelves can decorate a place very well, as long as you choose objects proportional to the space and the style of the place.

26. Murals with design

A mural with design is the best alternative for a space of younger character, which is mixed with modern details and vintage pieces.

27. Ceiling with lighting points

A well thought-out lighting system is part of a project that is designed to form a whole.

28. A very dynamic bedroom

A dark ceiling works wonderfully for a high ceiling, cutting that great gap between it and the floor and making the bedroom more cosy. 

29. Open dressing room

If you want to gain some extra space you can leave the closet without doors, but we remind you that it must be very well organized or it will look unsightly. 

30. With bright wood flooring for a contemporary style

We finish with a perfect image of the simplicity and elegance of a bright wooden floor. Here you do not need many elements to highlight the quality of its finishes.

For more inspiration and ideas, please have a look at how to decorate bedrooms.

Which bedroom design do you like the most? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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