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20 simple and beautiful ideas for the entrance of your house

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It's very important for the entrance of your house to be welcoming and pleasant, but most importantly it should not be missed. For this reason, in this book of ideas we are going to show you 10 beautiful house entrances, in hopes that you will be inspired to take some of them as a model to beautify your own houses and make them even more pleasant. 

We hope you like them, and do not forget that for all your projects you can count on the help of  our experts . Let's check out these gorgeous entrances now shall we? 

Mix of materials

In this photo, we see a super wide entrance with a floor of large tiles, while on the side we see a small garden covered by an open pergola, focused lighting and a beautiful stone wall that highlights all the colors. Lovely.

Using stone

A mixture of natural materials always works. The mixture of a wooden door with stone creates a very beautiful landscape, without even mentioning the presence of a pendant lamp that illuminates the entrance.

Wood and stone

Wood and stone can be mixed in many different ways, and in this house entrance we can see a strong and resistant wall with an elegant well varnished horizontal door, preceded by a rustic garden, with simple plants and rocks.  


If you have a large space and you like minimalism, you can create an entrance with a path in stone and small growing plants, those that need little maintenance, so that it leads to the entrance door in a minimalist style.


A pergola can be made of different materials, but if you want to create one that decorates the entrance door to the house, we recommend wood, which always looks good as it is a natural element that adds to the natural environment present in the yard or garden.

Glass and concrete

A risky bet, but no less striking. A glass access door next to a concrete wall is a very interesting mix that balances the sacrifice of privacy of the facade of the house with the practicality of a firm wall really well. 


Steel is a very flexible material with which you can work in a lot of different ways, and in different spaces of the house. At the entrance of the house it looks very good, and you can decorate it with painted details almost like a stencil.

Natural stone

A well lit corridor leading to the access door is great, but even more so if we can have one of its walls completely decorated or, in this case, made of stone, ensuring a cosy welcome to a natural and very warm home.

Open and simple

An entrance which is open and simple house is what every house needs, and it only requires a few simple elements such as space, plants and lighting. Pictured here we see a beautiful example of what can be achieved with a little order.

Garden paths

Casa na barra da tijuca- Rio de Janeiro GEA Arquitetura Modern houses
GEA Arquitetura

Casa na barra da tijuca- Rio de Janeiro

GEA Arquitetura

Garden paths can be done in many different ways, with simple materials. A good rule to follow while creating garden pathways is to calculate the distance between each step . In this photo, the modern style stands out in the choice of silver tones for the number of the house, and a wooden door in the shade surrounded by natural green.


A wooden frame surrounds a small but very cozy entrance, in the form of a small metal forged fence,  it exudes great charm. A type of entry like this is very easy to do and install, and you can easily change the look of the entrance of any house, regardless of its style.


The tropical style can easily be achieved in your home with the addition of a small garden next to the entrance of the house where you can place tropical plants and flowers. Whether tropical or not, the important thing is to always have natural life in your entrance. 


This facade has a traditional style. The entrance is made up of different materials such as concrete, brick and wood, making it look like a colonial house, especially thanks to its arched shape and the large dome that adorns the entrance hall, which makes it look almost like a church.

Modernity with few elements

It is relatively easy to achieve a modern entry because there are not many things that are needed. A small garden, a bit of cement for the road that borders the house, wood, glass and the occasional decorative element, and that's it!

Simplicity in wood

If your budget for the entrance is a bit bigger, you can try to make something more luxurious, just work a little wood and fix it well to create terraces like this photo, which contrast with the use of other natural materials such as stone or brick.

Small pergola

To maintain a simple and discreet entrance, make it elegant but at the same time not too flashy, a pergola is a good idea, especially if it is small in dimensions and large in elegance.


Any entrance to s house where grass abounds will benefit from concrete, wood or stone steps, or any material that you want, which basically marks a path that leads to the main entrance. Extra points if the path passes through natural vegetation.

Modern style

This modern entrance shows us a short path made of flagstone on the grass, which culminates in a wooden board door with a very modern look that blends well with the white wall.

Yellow stone

We can make the whole house shine by using a single base color: yellow. Pictured here, yellow stone walls draw attention and surround the entrance to the house, which in this case is an elegant style with a modern wooden door surrounded in white.

An original touch

And finally, a very modern entrance with an original touch, the number of the house on a metal plate protruding from the wall of the facade, next to a staircase that seems to float and becomes almost invisible before reaching the entrance door. Very modern and stylish!

For more inspiration and ideas, please have a look at planter ideas for the home entrance.

Which house entrance ideas did you like the best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 
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