5 houses built on slopes (proof that everything is possible)

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Casa PN, ZD+A ZD+A Modern houses
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Every architectural project has several factors that make it unique. The land where you are going to build your house is one of the elements that the architectural design of the house has to take into account even if it is completely flat and more so if the terrain is inclined, with greater or lesser inclination. 

In an inclined terrain that inclination must be taken advantage of for the development of the project. Using levels and strategies to develop them can create interesting spaces that give greater authenticity to the house. In this book of ideas we are going to present you 5 houses on sloping terrains so you can see how interesting these projects can be, from some in land that are downright inclined, to others that have greater inclination.

House 1: a transparent house adapted to the land

In this facade you can see how in this house each space has been adapted to the slope of the land. It is almost built by very different parts of levels, one level in each horizontal portion of the land.

In a project like this, the visuals of the surroundings are defined, the landscape of the immediate environment and of the one seen in the distance. Transparencies are important, so that such an interesting exterior is part of the rooms that are developed inside. Lots of straight lines and glass in this project.

Inside the house

In this picture of the interior you can see how the walls have practically been transformed into glass panels with wooden frames, almost non-existent, the light enters the room and the visuals integrate the exterior with the interior of the house, including the rusticity of the material that makes up the terrain.

House 2: a land with a certain inclination

Pictured here is a condominium on a land that has an inclination with respect to the street where it is located, in this case it is a corner lot. This inclination is used to locate the different areas of the house that usually locates the service areas, such as the garage at street level, the lowest. In the upper levels the social areas are located and finally the intimate areas with the bedrooms. This way, houses with several levels emerge.

The interior of the house 2

As you can see the staircase is an essential connection in houses with multiple levels since the ramps need a lot of space to develop with comfort. This room opens to the outside by one of its side walls and the staircase connects to  the different areas of the house.

House 3: volumes available at different levels

Casa PN, ZD+A ZD+A Modern houses

Three important levels are what make up for the difference in height of the land of this house. This house opens up  to the outside with its glass walls, creating a total integration of the exterior with the interior. Basically, it is a combination of concrete boxes that contain spaces, environments and rooms, in view of the surrounding landscape.

The fresh and unique interior

Casa PN, ZD+A ZD+A Eclectic style garden

In this view of the interior of the house, you can enjoy total integration in your rooms, with the exterior of gardens and unparalleled environments. A true advantage of the differences in the level of the land is to build a house like this.

House 5: with little difference in level but very adapted

In this house the unevenness of the land is not very big, but it is the normal thing that you get in any condominium of some of the cities of India. The subdivisions that you have in different areas do not make cuts of the land but are sufficient to place facilities and roads, thereby saving cost on land. 

The interior of the house

As in all houses with slopes, the staircase is an obligatory design. In this house the social area is almost at street level,above the garage. Usually in these cases they are designed with three to four levels, depending on the height differences in the terrain.

House 4: the end of the terrain levels

Virtually every part of this hill has been installed in a part of the house, without transforming much its levels but adapting the construction to it. The white color of the structures with its very modern and straight lines stands out among the intense green vegetation that surrounds it. Obviously he pool and terraces stand out too, especially within a natural environment so spectacular.

The interior of the house among the vegetation of the hill

The house has its most intimate rooms almost floating on the social area and terraces, taking full advantage of the uneven terrain. open to the green and natural environment, it is a model of housing integrated to the exterior in a clear and unique way.

For more inspiration and ideas, please have a look at 15 simple houses that you can build on your own.

Which house appealed to you the most? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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