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When you're thinking about building, buying or remodeling your home there are thousands of houses that you always dreamed of that come to your mind, but which of them do you choose?  In each of these houses you love there are details in them that make them unique. Picking out these unique details and combining them in a way that suits your style is the best way to go about making a decision because in the end you want a home which reflects your personality. 

The chosen style of your home must be present both in its construction and in the materials it carries and finally in the decoration that you will use to give it that special touch. This book of ideas is going to be very useful for you because we have chosen 10 beautiful houses to inspire you to find the ideal style for yours. 

Asian style

Who has not dreamed of giving their house that tranquilizing air of the oriental style? This house shows us the implementation of the Asian style to perfection, sliding doors at the entrance welcome us into a spacious and generously lit room with low furniture and high ceilings, creating a Japanese composition with a western touch. 

Permanent holiday home

When we think about vacations we usually think about the most ideal place to stay and it's no coincidence that many holiday homes do look like dream homes. You can take inspiration from your favourite holiday home and create a permanent holiday home! 

The house pictured here has that holiday home feeling with rustic wooden walls, floors and ceiling, giving a cozy touch to its structured modern design with a triangle shaped roof that folds in two to welcome us to the beautiful entrance. This country house is the perfect balance of a classic style brought to modernity.

Combination of materials

These contemporary style houses show us a technique that has not been experimented with much before and is actually the mixture of totally opposite materials both on the facade and inside the house. Have you ever dreamed of a super modern house? The secret to achieving a modern look is by combining different materials. These houses denote the perfect combination of wood, glass, steel and concrete. 

The steel of the window frames contrast with the glass and the wood finishes in turn, making an unexpected game with the completely square concrete walls. This is a set of materials that could work incredibly in your home.

Garage in sight

This is the kind of house that perfectly takes care of every detail we could think of. One of the unique things about this house is that the garage is visible instead of being concealed with a fence. This house shows us that the garage is worthy of being shown and that with a good set of materials between the roof, the steel structure and the wood, we will find the ideal place to store the car adding more style to your house with this unexpected space.

Open gallery

Who doesn't love a spacious house that has a generous space distribution?  This house is a great example of that fantasy with an open gallery that provides  natural lighting and the best view of the garden. 

Square structure with balcony

This carefully thought-out structure achieves a perfect compatibility between its design and the use of its spaces that also have an elegant touch with the corner balcony composed of a romantic central column structure. This is no doubt a house from which you can copy some very good taste from. 

Triangular roof

This house is reminiscent of the old houses that obeyed the triangular roof design and that have gradually disappeared. These houses in addition to bringing good memories have a reason for the roof being in that form. It was designed like this to perfect the water drainage thanks to its inclined position, besides this type of ceilings always take the attention because they stand out next to the type of construction we see today.

Square and minimalist

Houses with square shapes and minimalist touches have a modern touch that makes us fall in love with almost everyone, because in addition to looking original and avant-garde, they take advantage of and enhance spaces like no other design, so if you are in the process of construction, you are in time to create the modern house you've always wanted, you can take this reference, but remember that now the possibilities are endless.

Welcome the light

When betting on large windows for the facade of your house, remember you will not go wrong with that decision because your house will have a modern look on the outside and plenty of natural light inside will be your best ally both to save energy and to give a touch enhance the spaciousness of your home. 

Ideal house

This can easily be the ideal house, also because it is next to the sea, which is not so easy to achieve. This country house is created from its structure to almost all its finishes and furniture with wood, with white decoration details that create the perfect balance giving this house that clean and tasteful touch that holiday homes have. With the comfort and beauty that this house presents in each of its spaces, you will not want to leave it.

For more inspiration and ideas, check out a house to dream about.

What are some of the unique details which you liked in the houses? Please leave us a comment in the section below. 

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