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Thousands of containers are being discarded everyday in creating a veritable mountain that mars the landscape. Ecosa Institute, design professionals from United States, reveal how these containers can be put to good use and converted them into beautiful living spaces that give traditional housing a run for their money. Since one can get containers at throwaway prices, all it takes is a bit of skill in designing to convert them into environment-friendly homes with spacious quarters inside and harmonised blending with the surroundings. Let's quickly take a sneak peak into this residence. 

Front street view

Container home front street view homify Modern houses Iron/Steel

Container home front street view


What a surprise! From the outside, no one would guess that this beautiful home is made up entirely from discarded shipping containers. In fact, the vertical reinforcement corrugations contribute to the design and structural strength of the house. Stacked one above the other, with solar panels to supply electricity and heat, this is a prime example of a low cost, low maintenance, self-sufficient home. The containers sit on basic brick or concrete pillars as the foundation. Modular in structure, the home can be expanded as desired at a future date. The exteriors are attractive, so are the interiors.

Master bedroom with adjoining bathroom

Master bedroom and bathroom homify Modern style bedroom

Master bedroom and bathroom


From the inside, it does not look as if you are in a container. The architect has created a splendid master bedroom and adjoining bathroom with large glass glazing to let in plenty of light and give that feeling of airy spaciousness. Dry walls and ceilings are easy to put up, easy to paint and decorate and create private spaces. Curtains add a touch of cozy comfort further amplified in the wide cushiony bed. The theme continues in the dining area and other spaces of this container home.

Spacious dining

Dining area homify Modern dining room

Dining area


A bird’s eye view of the dining area reveals a wooden table large enough to seat 6 to 8 people, a totally glazed glass side wall for plenty of light and judicious use of a compact stair case at one end. Flooring is plain to deliver an impression of space and the sitting area is carpeted for comfort. It might be a container but it surely doesn't look like one! Take a look at the galley kitchen to know what we are talking about. Start your year fresh with these simple yet very significant tips if you ar looking for home design inspiration - Start the new year fresh and clean

Sleek kitchen

Galley kitchen homify Modern kitchen

Galley kitchen


The kitchen is the heart of the home and this beautifully designed unit runs along one side with shelves underneath the counter and shelves above to hold everything in place neatly. Use of wood laminate gives a rich, warm feel and smooth single tone flooring reflects the LED lights. Additional spot lights enhance the feeling and make working in the gallery-kitchen very relaxing. Make a snack in the kitchen and carry it to the living room to enjoy it as you recline on the comfortable sofa.

Living room with a charm

Living room homify Modern living room

Living room


The living room is where the designer shows his art and skill in recreating traditional living spaces but, inside a container. Containers placed one above the other and joined vertically with a staircase amplify spaces. Large glass frontage lights up the interiors. The plain floor and painted ceiling add to the impression of height as does the vertical joining of the container. It has space and also an area for private relaxation as shown by the floor lamp lighting up the cushioned chair. 

If you own a plot of land but, are on a tight budget and still want to build a new house, consult Ecosa Institute to know how a container home can be a lasting solution or a temporary one, giving you all the joys of traditional homes but at a fraction of the cost.

Hope you liked the concept and designing of this beautiful container home. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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