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The cold winter months can mean long days and evenings spent indoors. If you have a large family, this could mean many people sharing a small space. This can sometimes cause a strain on relationships as the extended long contact can cause friction. Why not use this time in a practical way by clearing out the space using Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra principles. Feng Shui used in the home is said to bring improved health, positivity and wealth. It does this by enhancing your environment according to the principles of harmony and energy flow. Energy is constantly flowing around us and our homes, although certain things can block or destroy this energy. When this happens negative energy can accumulate in our homes. By employing some simple Feng Shui principles around the home we can ensure that the chi or energy in the house is able to flow freely. This will enable it to bring health, wealth and  positivity to  our lives. homify has researched the top ways to clean our homes according to Feng Shui principles.

​Pay Attention to Details

One of the main ways that chi or energy is blocked in the home is by grime and clutter. Both grime and clutter can create a negative energy in us all. A simple way to remove this negative energy is to clean out the grime and remove the clutter inside and outside the house. First of all start by removing all the clutter in and outside the house. This may be a big job for some people. Think of all the items that have not been used in over a year and consider getting rid of them, either in the rubbish, or giving them away. Once the clutter has been removed it is time to remove the smaller items that can cause clutter around the home, like at the entrance or in the courtyard. This may be items that once served a function, and have now become redundant. We are so familiar with their presence that we do not notice them. Clean the courtyard around the home and install some nice lighting for a soothing effect. This will bring in good energy in and around the home.

​Open Doors and Windows

The windows and doors of a house are places where energy can enter and exit the house. In Feng Shui circles they are sometimes know as the eyes and ears of the house, reflecting how the residents see and hear the world outside. For this reason it is suggested to keep windows open to allow free movement of energy and air.  It is also important that windows are clean. This allows the residents to see the world around them clearly and easily. When cleaning windows, consider using a safer, chemical alternative to your normal household cleaner. A home made combination of vinegar and water provides a wonderful cleaning alternative. This will ensure that the air and space within the room remains clean and fresh.

​Light a Fire

Having a fireplace in a house is a wonderful way of bringing an element of warmth and cosiness to a room. On a chilly evening the fireplace is the centre of attention, it radiates heat around the room like a giant blanket that everyone is free to snuggle under. When there is a fireplace in a room, it can immediately become the focus. People are drawn to it, for the beauty and warmth. According to Feng Shui Principles, energy flows out from the fireplace, like heat. Therefore, the space in front of the fireplace should be free of furniture and clutter. Be sure to tidy and clean this space. Remove magazines, books or other items from the coffee table. This will allow the energy to flow around the room freely. This fireplace was built by Finoptim of France.

Thorough Cleanse

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Feng Shui principles dictate that the flow of good energy or chi can be blocked by certain elements in a house. One of these things is grime and clutter. Grime, dust and dirt accumulate in every room in the house, although they may be more prevalent in some areas. The bathroom and kitchen are often the areas that accumulate the most dirt and grime. To ensure the house has the free flowing chi that Feng Shui principles advocate, ensure the bathroom and kitchen are cleaned thoroughly. Powerful chemical cleaners can often irritate skin and airways causing coughing. This does not create good Feng Shui. To avoid this use a non toxic cleaner like vinegar or bicarbonate of soda. Another great way to freshen up a bathroom is to use a lemon infused vinegar solution.


Indoor plants can bring a wonderful element of freshness and natural energy to a space. Plants in the house have a yin energy, although according to Feng Shui principles it is more important to have the correct plants rather than the correct placement of the plants. In Feng Shui certain plants have certain significances. The money plant, or Philodendron is a symbol of great abundance. It is a popular plant for followers of Feng Shui. Lucky Bamboo is very popular in houses in Asia they represent flexibility and adaptability. Indoor plants can fill several roles in the house; situated near a computer they can absorb electromagnetic energy, in a bathroom plants can balance the water energy and they can also provide a wonderful way to connect with the outside natural environment.This plant was grown by Terraform from Poland. 

​Right positioning of furniture

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Feng Shui principles are based on creating better health, prosperity and wealth in a space by improving the movement of chi, or energy. The placement of furniture in a space can affect the movment of chi in a room. For this reason it is important to have the correct furniture placement. Each room in a house has different furniture placement rules. The living room is one of the busiest places in a house. According to Feng Shui principles there are several important placement choices.  Furniture should be placed in positons where everyone can see who is entering and exiting the room. The lucky zone in a living space is at the centre of the room, and as such space should be left in this area to attract luck.

Be Conscious of Yourself

Many people employ the principles of Feng Shui in order to bring increased wealth, improved health and more prosperity into their lives. When they employ these techniques that aim to improve the flow of chi or energy in their houses, they believe this will also improve their lives. Although it is not just your house than can be improved with Feng Shui principles, consider employing them in your everyday life. Just as bringing plants into your house can bring positive energies, so too can bringing vegetables and fruit into your diet. Vegetables contain fibre, which can cleanse your digestive system and release any blocked energy. Consider also removing the clutter from your online life. Spend a few hours ever month clearing and organising your emails. It will then be easier to find emails in a rush.

The colder months of the year provide a wonderful opportunity to clean out and freshen your home and life using Feng Shui principles. When you employ these principles the energy in you house will be easier to flow. It will also provide a cleaner and tidier house for all living in it. Start by decluttering, removing anything that is not being used, next open windows to bring in fresh air and allow the energy to flow and light a fire to create a sense of cosiness. It is now time to clean the house thoroughly. This will allow positive energy to flow freely around the house. When this is done place plants around the house to connect with the outside, and arrange furniture to allow for maximum serenity. These are just a few ideas on how to create a clean house with Feng Shui, for more inspiration see Dress your Windows to Match your Personality.

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