12 mini gardens to help you save money

Natasha Kurien Natasha Kurien
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Mini gardens are a great way to spruce up your home especially if you live in an apartment. Plants fill the environment with a bit of freshness and life- the key is to find a species that really suits your home. There are a lot of decorative elements that can add in to your space at home. You can make a mini garden in any space of your home, be it the living room or hallway. This post revisits a few ways where you can make your garden look beautiful without spending too much money. 

1. Concrete beauty

Bibs are a great way to get your home garden started. The important thing to keep in mind is to have the right plants and flowers in your home. If you are constrained by space, then go for smaller pots or containers to fit your spaces. 

2. One for the corner

To add a bit of color to the spaces around your house, in particular a bench such as this. With a small yard you can work wonders as colors could make all the difference in the world. 

3. One for the entrance

Who wouldn't like to stroll into an entrance such as these? The best way to welcome your guests into your home is in this manner. 

4. A cactus bed

Cactus beds are making a come back and how! Who would have thought that something as plain as a cactus could bring life to the entire area right?

5. Windows of greenery

If your budget isn't exactly too friendly with you, use DIY ideas and we have an idea for you! Recycle old windows and fill the grays with life by adding a few pots to it.

6. One for the entrance

Combine multiple elements along with some greenery to make for a welcoming entrance such as this. With pebbles, rocks and stones of various colors, you can make a wonderful entrance that lead to stairs

7. Flower pots

Flower pots are the age old solution to problems of the monetary kind! Simply set up a bench in any free space that you find, and deck it up with pots and plants of various kinds. You can pick just about any plants, because more is always better, wouldn't you say?

8. A vertical garden

For times when you do not find too much of space, all you really need is a wall of free space. Larger plants that take up the entirety of the wall, can be countered by smaller ones so as to fill up the free spaces. 

9. Bamboo to the rescue

Bamboo works with just about any green elements. If you are looking to aesthetically build a wall of greenery, then you can do so in the following fashion.   

10. Mini gardens

Here's where minimalism is really at its peak! A simple duo of pots with perfectly primped bushes resting on a bed of white pebbles. Simple yet oh-so-effective!

11. One for the apartment

Natural lighting could just be the missing piece to the garden that is yours. Fill up the spaces in your home with all sorts of pots and plants of a variety of shapes and sizes. Diversity right here is the ultimate key.  

12. A cozy decked up balcony

Decorate your balcony with a mixture of flowers and greenery so as to keep the atmosphere warm and cozy. There's no better way to spend your evening than in this wondrous balcony. If you need more insights on this hire a gardener and opt for better ideas.

Thanks for reading through. Here is another ideabook gives you more insight on indoor gardens. 

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