What’s the perfect façade for your house according to your zodiac sign?

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How do you find the perfect façade for your house to ensure that it reflects your personality? Stay tuned as we are about to show you how your zodiac sign can influence your decision by affecting your ideas, preferred colours and designs when it comes to beautifying the exterior face of your home.

Now, if you're wondering why we focus on the façade, the reason is obvious. This is the area of your home that your visitors see first, which gives them the impression of how you like to present yourself. It is your identity, so it should portray everything you want.

1. The perfect façade for Pisces

We start with Pisces, which represents people who seek to create authentic and original environments always. The facade design needs to be out of the ordinary, like this one. Even the cars have an uncommon colour, and the facade has something that does not recur in the nearby houses. However, this happens only by investing a lot of energy in making those changes, so that the facade stands out from its surroundings with a design that does not need much maintenance. In this example, the customized wrought-iron grille is a phenomenal element.

2. Cheerful façade for Gemini

This sign is the one that best adapts to changes and takes the most risks, and for that reason, usually, the facades that Geminis love have vibrant tones, which reflect their sociable and happy souls.

3. The façade for a friendly Aquarian

The people ruled by this zodiac sign value their friends very much and do not hesitate to show this in the first impression that anyone gets of their house. For this reason, the facade of their house usually has warm tones such as red, brown, yellow and other colours that reflect warmth and familiarity.

4. Perfect façade for the Cancer sign

People of this zodiac sign are reserved, and although it sounds a bit complicated, this feature can be reflected with total mastery on the facade of a house. The key is to play with neutral tones, simple finishes, and tiny details that never go unnoticed. In the above design, the ornamental detail is the pair of thin trees.

5. The practicality of a Virgo

Toldos para casa: se adaptan a diferentes fachadas TOLDOS SPANNMAXXL.de Garden Greenhouses & pavilions Textile White

Toldos para casa: se adaptan a diferentes fachadas


Virgo people enjoy being practical and organized. This brings them to love modern and minimalist style facades, with simple forms and a formidable efficiency, which although basic, does not forget to include a touch of authenticity.

6. An attractive façade for a Leo

This sign is known as the most attractive one of the zodiac, since it reflects a personality so unique that one can’t resist it. This, of course, is reflected even in the facade of the home. The colours are eye-catching, and the façade always has a detail that captivates onlookers.

7. A mature façade for Capricorn

This sign is distinguished by maturity, responsibility, and a certain reserve in different areas of the person’s life. In architecture, this personality is reflected with the use of traditional materials, subtle tones, and a design, which although beautiful, appears somewhat closed to the outside.

8. Cute and stable façade for Taurus

The façade above reflects a dreamlike tranquillity, since Taurus people like such environments, which are designed to provide comfort and a lot of relaxation. If not, they feel terrible.

9. Adventure for Sagittarius

Don’t you think it is a pleasant adventure to enter this  home and feel like you are walking through a small jungle? If you belong to the Sagittarius sign, surely you will, so much so that you will want to have a similar façade, since adventure is almost synonymous with your sign.

10. The courage of Aries

Having a façade that is the same as the rest of the neighbourhood is a brave act, and not because it means one has to live with a bad decision, but because one trusts that despite everything being similar, the facade enhances the beauty of the house.

11. A façade reserved for Scorpio

If you have a reserved personality, do not fear that your façade might reflect it. On the contrary, with the façade, you can communicate that you like your privacy and prefer areas that well protected and partitioned.

12. An educated façade for Libra

People who belong to the Libra sign are very educated, and that is reflected in the way they greet, work, talk as well as decorate their facade. They opt for colours that everyone likes and make the access to their home simple so that guests aren’t confused as to where the entrance is. In short, they are fabulous hosts, and the façade tells you that even  before you enter their homes.

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Do you agree with the facade design outlined for your zodiac sign? Comment below to let us know.

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