20 floor designs to improve the entrance of your home

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In most houses, the entrance is often ignored. But it is the place through which people get into your house and the place deserves same attention as the house interiors or exteriors. It is important that the entrance is handled with more care as the area is usually under the direct onslaught of natural forces.

The floor of the entrance should be chosen in a way so that it can withstand pressure as well as look good at the same time and remain durable. The floor should have the perfect balance of resistance and beauty. The entrance floor should be decorated in a manner that it looks inviting and welcoming to people who enter the house.

Mentioned below are 20 amazing floor designs, which can be implemented at the house entrance:

1. Using concrete and its solidity

Concrete has been used for a long time for making floors. Whether you make a flat floor or steps with concrete, they can be done in the most effective manner. In fact, it is also easy and simple to make such floors. You just have to let the concrete dry.
The only thing that you have to keep into consideration in this case is whether the natural appearance of the concrete is in sync with the construction style. If you have a setting that has industrial, modern and minimalist appearance, natural concrete shade looks just fine.

2. Using granite tiles!

Take a look at this entrance floor design and you are sure to love it. The use of granite tiles makes the entrance look classy and beautiful. You will get a feeling of resistance almost at every step as granite is a resistant material. When installed in the right manner and maintained well, granite tiles give an impact of marble.

3. Well arranged embedded stones

Using natural stone is a great alternative for house entrance. There are many reasons for the same. First, they are highly durable in nature and can bear the natural onslaught without incurring damage. These materials are suitable for all kinds of settings – rural, rustic as well as urban and modern. Check the pattern in the image and you can use the same at your house entrance.

4. Various kinds of combinations on the ground

There can be different kinds of impressive combinations which can be tried on the entrance floor. However, they have to be functional and justified. For instance, in the areas where there is protection from the roof, delicate materials can be used for the floor. On the contrary, areas that are open completely should have stronger and more durable materials used on the floor.

5. Duela for areas of rough use

If you have heavy traffic in the entrance area of the house, you have to use a material, which is able to withstand the pressure. Duela is a board material which is very delicate in nature, true, but it is extensively used on outdoor floors. However, there are certain mechanisms that need to be installed in the floors. One has to ensure that the boards do not remain wet for a long time, are not attacked by pests etc. Moreover, these surfaces need to be maintained on regular basis so that they remain in good shape and form.

6. Combination of grass and stones

Greenery on the façade of the house looks quite nice. If natural grass is not available, you can also try using synthetic grass. Amidst the grass, you can put stone slabs. The combination of grass and stones goes wonderfully well for the entrance area.

7. Using the black stone in different ways

When you are looking for great alternatives for façade floors, there is no better option than using black granite slab. The greatest advantage of this material is that it can be combined with all kinds of settings. Because of the quadrangular shape, these tiles can be accommodated in any space.

8. Combination of stone and steel sheets

If the entrance area is of medium or large size, laminated steel plates are great alternatives for the same. This is a simple way and you can try various shapes and sizes of the steel sheets. Stone is also used in many places in combination with steel sheets.

9. Using molding for entrance floor

Moldings are great structures for floors – they can be made from aluminum or steel. This is all the more applicable if the entrance has steps. Use your preferred material and let the architect design the floor design so that the whole place looks good.

10. Subsequently accommodated cast surfaces

This floor surface can be created by you if you have time or it can be ordered as well. You can try installing previously cast surfaces on the entrance floor. Provide considerable thickness to the slabs and let them dry completely. You won’t believe how strong these floors can be.

11. Arranging different pieces in style

Use your creativity to the greatest extent when you try this flooring option. There are many floor materials, which are available in the form of solid pieces. Accommodate the pieces in different shapes and designs to make a creative design. You are sure to earn compliments with this kind of entrance floor design.

12. Dazzling white tiles

It is obvious that you would love your home to be extremely neat and tidy. Why not extend the tidiness to the entrance floor as well? Installing white tiles in the entrance floor and maintaining the same brings in a great effect to the whole property. There are wide ranges of tones which can be achieved with the help of white tiles. The shine if maintained well brings in the sense of natural cleanliness to the area.

13. Glazed tiles with some resistance

When you look for refinement in the floor design, you cannot be wrong with a choice of glazed tiles for the area. The only problem is that they can be dangerous when they are wet. Therefore, it is recommended to buy tiles which offer some resistance so that they are safe.

14. Original design for the original entry

Check out this amazing entry to the house. Arrange different kinds of materials and use them creatively in the area to make an original design. It is recommended that this setup is done under a roof so that there is no water on the surface as it can become quite slippery and dangerous with water.

15. Wood with an old-looking solid touch

If you have extra wood in your house after some work got completed, use the same wisely for making the floor design at the entrance. Try making the floor of the entrance with wood and see how it changes the space instantly. The wood will bring an old-world charm to the place but will be strong and solid at the same time.

16. Using grass all over the place

People looking for serenity and greenery will never compromise with the use of grass. You can use grass extensively all over the area covering the entrance space

17. Using very tiny stones

Buy tiny stones on wholesale basis and spread them all over the floor leading to the home entrance. Ensure that the stones are very small and in uniform color for bringing that effect.

18. Flat polished wooden surfaces

Extremely well polished wooden surfaces are great for floors to the entrance of the house. Even your pets are going to love this surface. When in direct contact with the sun, the place is warm. In the shade it is cool. This is just an amazing alternative.

19. Combination of tiles surrounded by grass

Tiles are used here for creating a pathway to the entrance of the house. In fact cars also run on these surfaces. The path is surrounded by lush green grass, which provides a soothing effect to the eyes

20. For attracting glances

Log Cabin homify Modern garden Wood Wood effect

Log Cabin


This entrance floor design is simply mesmerizing. The use of stone is done in a perfect manner, giving a lovely design to the floor. The use of grass also brings a different dimension to the space.

Which of these ideas inspired you? Let us know in the comments below.

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