14 modern and stylish door designs

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Door is an integral element of the main home architecture and cannot be ignored in any way. The open-close nature of doors is an interesting concept, which can be explored. Doors not only provide protection from external forces of nature and from unwanted people, but also offer privacy to people living inside the house. Moreover, doors help in connecting functional spaces with other areas in the house or the whole building. Doors also represent cultural, architectural and spiritual style. Therefore choosing the right kinds of doors is very important and should not be ignored. Check the style and see that the door is in sync with the room settings so that the décor is not hampered in any manner.

Mentioned below are 14 modern and stylish door designs:

1. Minimalistic door design

In this minimalistic door design, there is the use of cold metal colour. The most interesting part of the door is the long, narrow gap through which one can see the interiors and the large handle to the door.

2. Container door style

If you do not have idea regarding container door style, check out the image. In the world of architecture, this trend has already gained immense popularity. In fact, many interior design trends are influenced by this style. For glass doors and windows, container doors are like additional outer layer protection.

3. The stylish main door

This door has many similarities to the door mentioned in point number 1. There is the long handle on the door. The only difference is that there are translucent glass settings on one side of the door through which one can see inside. However, privacy is maintained as the glass is not transparent.

4. Glass doors

Transparent glass doors can be really good looking for a house when done in the right manner. Check out this door and you will see that the same pattern is repeated all throughout the house. The doors are also kind of partition between the rooms, with the slim frame design.

5. Stylish door design in sync with the walls

This door is extremely stylish and greatly in sync with the design and appearance of the property façade. The horizontal glass frames are in sync with the façade design. The stylish handle also adds to the design of the door.

6. Minimalist design swing doors

If you are looking for doors with swing style and in minimalistic design, this is the one you are sure to like for your home. The door has great height reaching to the ceiling and looks quite nice.

7. Front door with glass wall beside it

This front door of the house looks extremely stylish and modern. There are glass panels on the wall and a long handle. On the right hand side too, there are designs in metal. What adds to the beauty of the door is the glass wall besides the door.

8. Hollow door design

This is quite a unique concept with excellent designing. The hollow door design helps in separating the interior space with the interior garden very smartly. Though there is a demarcation in the spaces, they are connected to one another as there is clear visibility between the areas. The design is really enticing.

9. Stylish swinging glass door

This is an extremely stylish swinging glass door with black frame and a solid handle. The door connects the living room and the courtyard brilliantly.

10. Chic and stylish entrance to the house

When you take a look at the door, you will feel that the whole setup is the door only. But there are two glass walls on the two sides of the door, which make the whole thing look extremely elegant and stylish at the same time.

11. The stylish sliding door design

This stylish sliding door looks awesome and it looks like a hooked wall, making an impressive impact.

12. Two wings to the door

This main door looks very attractive for the two wings on the two sides of the door. While one side is made of the same wood of which the door is made, the other wing is the glass wall, which adds to the elegance and sophistication of the place.

13. Sliding doors which can be concealed in the wall

Check out this awesome looking door design and you are sure to be highly impressed. This is a sliding door, where the wings of the door can be smartly hidden and concealed in the wall.

14. The garage door and the main entrance door are in sync

To bring unity and integrity to the space, the garage door and the main entrance door are done in the same color and in almost similar style.

With such classy door designs, your house can look really stylish and grand.

Which of these designed inspired you? Let us know in the comments below.

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