10 simple ways to decorate the head of your bed

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Decorating a bedroom is not only about choosing the correct furniture for the space. Instead, the head of your bed also plays an essential role in the rooms overall look. There are many ways to create a relaxing ambiance within your room and decorating the head is one. Most people often consider changing their pillows as a method of dressing the head. But if you are looking for a better alternative then you can find ten fantastic ideas in this article.

1. Two beautiful lamps

One of the most inexpensive ways of decorating the head of your bed is by keeping two beautiful lamps on either side of the furniture. You can also incorporate wooden side tables to give a rustic look to your room.

2. Painting the wall

Painting the wall behind the headboard with a different colour will allow you to decorate the space well. It will make the area stand out and will act as a focal point.

3. Wooden blinds

For adding a creative touch to your room, you can incorporate wooden blinds over the head of your bed. Also by keeping them in their natural tone, you can achieve a certain warmth.

4. Reusing furniture

In case you have old carved wooden furniture then it can be used as a decoration piece for your bedroom. Here the designer has opted for a similar furniture piece to create a wall hanging.

5. Embellishments

Delicate embellishments can also be used for dressing the head of your bed. Here the beaded light fixtures act as a perfect element to highlight the area above your headboard.

6. A colourful picture

In case you do not want to incorporate something fancy then a colourful picture can also do the trick. You can also select traditional Indian paintings to make the space look more authentic.

7. Cover the headboard

If your bed has a headboard then upholstering it is another way to decorate the area. These can frequently be changed and will provide a beautiful contrast when compared to the bedspread.

8. Reclaimed doors

Antique Indian doors of small sizes can also be used as a decoration piece for your main wall. Placing them right above your headboard will add a traditional charm to the space.

9. A light panel

In case you want something more modern for your bedroom then consider using similar looking light panels. These can provide an industrial appearance to your room instantly.

10. A rug

Last, but surely not the least, one of the simplest ways of decorating the head of your bed is by incorporating a floor rug. These rugs are available in different designs and patterns, so you have a wide range of selection available.

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