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Modern and sensational garage doors that you should not miss.

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Garage doors always have a more stately presence than the main entrance owing to its large size, which becomes colossally visible when the garage is meant for two cars. The garage door contributes just as much to the appearance of your house as the main entrance.

Most garage doors are made of metal such as iron or stainless steel for safety reasons, and sometimes made from wood, although one can also opt for the lightweight and resistant PVC for the interior garages. The modern garage doors models are automated and the options are are roller type garage doors, doors with extendable arms, or doors that move to one side. Here are a few modern garage door designs to inspire you.

Modern and Stately

This model of the company Cierres Metálicos Ávila is a door made of metal but with wood like planks to preserve the style of the farm that it is used in without compromising on the safety. This metallic, simple yet modern garage door is equipped with an automated motor to raise and lower it. It is a strong and sturdy door for a garage in a high flying residence. 

​A warm welcome!

Wood is the main element in this modern residence. Wood has been liberally used in the access door, in exterior windows, and also in the large garage door.

The size of the door says that the garage can house two cars with ease. To make the garage door consistent with the rest of the design, it is made in dark wood planks, which fold and rise at the top. The small window  with translucent glass on the door, allows natural light to enter the garage, but at the same time avoids the prying eyes from the outside. A classy and modern taste is well reflected in this work.

​Stand Alone garage

A wonderful looking garage was created by Reichel Schlaier Architekten GmbH studio in Germany. It is a wooden garage independent from the house, with space enough to hold 6 cars. However for safety reasons, a modern metallic door design was chosen. The door was made in steel, and had roller type automated system where the plates accumulate on the roof to allow passage to the vehicle. Here is a picture of a garage that will make you want to live in there.

A colorful garage you would not miss

Quite often, the patio is used as a garage and vice versa, and it is used by the children of the house as a playing space when the car is not parked. The magnificent Casa Coral, built in Veracruz, Mexico, is built on the same concept. To allow for natural light and fresh air, the garage doors in such settings are kept semi open.

The fences in this case had to be integrated with the rest of the facade to maintain the balance between the white doors and bright walls. Like things colorful? Want to see a home made beautiful with colours?

​Tropical style garage door

Tropics are represented by lush green leaves, flowers and woods. A garage that is in a tropical style house with a garden where a tropical style prevails, an entrance decorated with tiles, a wooden pergola in the interior patio an abundance of flowers, and a gravel floor, can not afford to have a door out of tune.

In this case, a wooden automatic gate was used, which moves side by a rail in the lower part when you want to enter with the car. The door is made with wooden plates, reinforced with metal beams to retain the look as well as the strength. Looking for more ideas on decorating your house the tropical way.

The unconventional garage door

When security is not a concern, like for garages inside of the property, the entrance door to a garage does not have to be airtight or of heavy metal. In this case, the door is a motorized windbreaker, which is enough for an order from the remote control so that the PVC panels fold on themselves and leave the access free.

It should be noted though, that these enclosures are recommended for garages that are inside a property and are not secure enough for stand alone garages which are recommended to have safe metallic garage doors with a sturdy design. These windbreaks reflect good taste and elegance in combination with wooden garages, and look great with Canadian tegola cover.

Multiple garages with similar door

Garage façade FG ARQUITECTES Modern garage/shed

Garage façade


In a farmhouse in Cabrera de Mar (Barcelona), the firm FG Arquitectes had the challenge of building parking space for 10 cars. Since it was a mountainous region, finding a straight space for 10 cars was a challenge. This was achieved by constructing five garages in a semicircular space that could store two cars each , taking advantage of the mountainous terrain.

For the doors to look well integrated with the surroundings, they were made from wood, and coated with multiple layers of varnish to weatherproof and highlight them. The doors are modern and automatic, and fold in the upper third, to facilitate the ascent of the door and allow entry and exit of the vehicles.

​A simple automatic garage door

Sometimes simplicity is the key to beauty. This garage has two strong wooden doors as good as the strong iron garage doors, with two two large diamond shaped windows. The opening of the garage door is done by means of a system of automatic extendable and retractable arms, attached to the upper part of the door. This is a comfortable alternative to metallic garage door designs, as it is discreet, and allows the quickest entry and exit as compared to any other automatic peer. 

​Modern Cars need Modern Garages

How would a manually opened garage look with a modern luxury car? Not cool? You need to have the luxury to open the door from inside your car. This modern garage lit with small windows and dichroic lights has an automatic metallic garage door with a simple design. The door has a rolling automation, it moves on the rails and rolls to the ceiling to allow entry and exit to the vehicle. A little spectacular garage, isn't it?  See here for more pictures of inspirational garages. 

​Residential Style

This interesting metal garage door model is made with galvanized steel with a lacquering process in the oven is a style statement in itself with the long intertwined metallic wave design. This model is manufactured by Cierres Metálicos Ávila. This particular door is a manual one, but it is possible to get it automated as per your choice and requirements, so you do not have to bother to go down of the car to open it. This is generally preferred when the parking space is an open space inside the property. Would you believe if we tell you sometimes old garages have been transformed to make a grand home.

The garage is an important part of your house, you visit it daily before and after visiting any other place with your car. What kind of garage door do you think looks best for your garage?

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