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El Encuentro 1, Estudio de Arquitectura Clariá & Clariá Estudio de Arquitectura Clariá & Clariá Modern living room
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Through this special feature on homify, we will travel together to the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to connect to a family home with a more natural, peaceful, and relaxing approach to life. A house that had a very small family but constructed a home; to make provision for a bigger family for the years to come.

The architects who were chosen to carry out this spectacular project were architecture studio Claria and Claria. Working with a limited budget always presents constraints, so this house was planned and designed to be built in two stages. The basic family areas were planned to be completed in the first stage, and the other spaces were constructed when the family had three children. The design was planned in such a manner that at any point during the project phasing the house always seemed in perfect harmony and aesthetics. Lets jump in…

A facade of straight lines and warm lights

The advantages of living in the suburbs of a city are many, the most important is, to be able to connect with nature in a intimate manner. This project is a perfect example of a response from a family, that wanted to see their children being nestled in their childhood in the lap of nature. Surrounded by a quiet environment, where they could enjoy the open sky full of stars, the scent of freshly bloomed flowers and the fresh smell of damp earth, after a beautiful shower of rain.

Opening outside

The house presented here is majestic, has significant volumes, and is beautifully outlined with soft lines. The thick walls have been specially built with load bearing hollow brick and plaster coated to ensure a damp-proof facade. Warm lighting encourages us to get inside, and is the perfect blend of of colours that complement the simplicity, and elegance of this outstanding home.

The rear facade

The house has been planned to have an abundance of green spaces both, on the front and towards the rear as well. The green spaces give the house a very airy and open feel, reducing the visual impact of the huge volumes on the external facades. The details have been carefully planned for insulation during the cold winter months. Double glazed white PVC window frames look aesthetically pleasing and provide a budget solution as well.

A great garden

Here as we get closer to the facade, we see a definite approach to respect the soft linear lines as the massing gathers larger volume. The rear facade is composed with a large number of windows, admits a large quantity of natural light indoors, to give the house a very bright and airy feel, amidst offering great views onto the landscape around.

Sophisticated interiors

Almost all the rooms of the house are adequately bathed in natural light, in addition, a splash of white colours on the walls make the house feel bright and spacious. The integration of a corner window which floods the room with light, brings in a sense of seamlessness to the space, melting the corner of the room in the process. Indeed truly delightful.

Charm of a chimmney

The living room environment is conducive to spend time with loved ones next to the fireplace, extremely elegant  and friendly at the same time. White and cream shades rule the surfaces, breathing in a fresh breath of life into this beautiful living space. The furniture is extremely classic in nature and blends perfectly into the space.

Reading corner

Turning onto another corner of the living space, the designers have created a cosy little corner  wrapped with glass around the bottom and top edges, that creates a pleasant place to enjoy reading a book or just being showered with fresh sunlight during the day. A space that truly gives a sense of identity to this house.

The bathroom

Lets move on to take a look at the bathroom, where porcelain cream contrasts perfectly with modern black finishes. The size of the openings here, continue to carry on the bold vocabulary we have seen all throughout the house, light and openness all the way.

The glowing rear facade

Before we say goodbye to this astonishing project, we can't help but show you the rear facade that sparkles like a gem with a beautiful reflection in the swimming pool. A full exterior view of the facade at dusk, completely lets the house come forth from its form, showcasing a simple, elegant, yet stylish modern look.

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