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Home cleaning, is mostly easy and straight forward with hardly anything new involved. However, when one starts to proceed with it, it becomes difficult to figure out where to start from, right? Well, with this ideabook we have done some sorting out of the activities so that things don’t look that difficult and the whole activity becomes streamlined and simple enough to tackle. And, by the time, you are done, everything around you will be spic and span. That way, things will be done in one go without having to break the rhythm. Home cleaning basically involves activities like cleaning and dusting dirty surfaces, disposing rubbish, mopping and vacuuming (if needed). The best way to have a clean home is by: Coming up with a cleaning plan; Starting off by cleaning the bathroom first; This should be followed by cleaning the kitchen; Cleaning the bedroom; Cleaning the living area(s); And, finally wrap up the cleaning session and enjoy the comfort of a neat and tidy home. Let's start with some basic preparation first. 

Let's go: With pep! (jogging pants, music, motivation… )

Just like any other activity, home cleaning can sometimes suck. But, if you are looking to have a clean home, you got to figure out something to get the work done right? We suggest that you include music into this activity. Yes, music! Housekeeping is an activity that involves the movement and the use of almost all the body parts. In fact, it is quite similar to exercising or workout. Now, what helps to get into the mood that time? Its music, for sure! Similarly, while house cleaning, one can always have a music playing in the background while moving from one task to the next. It not only helps to set the rhythm, but it also prevents from slowing down. The style or the pitch of the music can always be altered as per the activity. You can also wear your favourite jogging set if you like. The idea is, you should be absolutely comfortable.

The right supplies!

 The basic tools that would be required for cleaning irrespective of where one might be living on this earth are: Brooms, mops, regular sponge, nylon scrub sponge, rubber gloves, face covers, protective eye wear, scrubber, squeegees, chamois leather, vacuums, carpet sweepers, dust lifters, buckets, mugs, dust pans, spare pieces of cloth, etc. One should also check whether appropriate cleaning products are also available in adequate stocks or not. These would include disinfectants, detergents, rinsing solution, bleach, diluted acid, toilet cleaning agents, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) like toluene, limonene, formaldehyde, etc. In case any of these are not available, then must prepare a list carefully and get the required items from the store beforehand. Please do not forget to read the label description before making the purchase.

Warm-up: Act like you have a cleaning lady

Any activity that you do should be initiated only when you have done a bit of warming up before. The advantage is that it helps you to focus your mind for that specific activity and your body becomes free and active as well. This holds true for almost everything, whether it is an activity involving the mind or only the body or both. In housekeeping, warming up before you get into action is very important as it is an activity where both and mind and body is engaged. One can start off by going through the plan and then do a walk-around by revising the activities in the mind. The advantage is, the brain captures clues during this activity and the chances of missing out on anything goes down drastically. Moreover, this is a sort of a role play where you play both acts of the mistress and as well as the cleaning lady.

Stepping it up: Set a timer, focus, no distraction

Another important aspect in home cleaning is fixing up a cleaning schedule which is basically a daily or weekly or a monthly plan of how you will proceed with the cleaning or de-cluttering or organizing work. Now, this can vary from person to person depending on individual needs. Like, this could be a plain, simple main task of the day to be repeated every day or it could be something complex like a spreadsheet or an elaborate plan that would outline each and every single housekeeping activity to be done in a calendar year. The idea behind this is not to bog you down with work, but to help you with a routine so that there is maximum freedom and minimum stress. If nothing, one can simply put up a timer so that things can happen in a focused way without much scope for any sort of distraction or halt.

Final stretch: check off everything you already did

Just like the way there, you start off with a walk-around or a warm up before getting into something important or crucial. In the same way, it is extremely necessary to finish any task with a final walk through. This is a very common approach and is followed by students during exams just before they submit the sheets or by writers or authors once they have finished a story or a composition. Whatever, be the case, the idea is to do a reverse check to ensure nothing has been missed out and everything was done the way it was supposed to happen. This is directly proportional to the quality of the work done and if considered seriously, it helps to avoid repeating the same work over again. This in turn helps to save valuable time, whether you clean up your own house or have been appointed to do the work.

Designed by Neoarch, architects from Brazil, this one is a neat and well maintained home theatre and living room. 

Relax: Award yourself and avoid getting the house dirty again so quickly

For many, house cleaning is not the best of work that one wants to do. So, in order to avoid doing the job, the only practical option left is to ensure that the house does not get dirty to the maximum extent possible. But, is it possible? Of course, it is. Put good quality mats at entrances, leave shoes out of the door. Sweep and wipe the main areas on a regular basis (this shouldn’t be a big deal), do not opt for flooring with grooves and stay away from carpets as much as possible. There is no point in spending time cleaning when you have the options for prevention. In fact, invest that time into something more fun. Moreover, once you are done, make sure you give yourself a treat since cleaning is a tiresome activity. The best award/self-treat for a clean home can be a movie or an evening spent with some wine.

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Did you like these simple tips for home cleaning? If you have similar home cleaning ideas to share, do let us know in the comments below.

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