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When the budget for revamping the home is limited or even nonexistent, it can sometimes seem impossible to bring a new atmosphere in. However this could not be more untrue since there are a multitude of things that can be done for the home to spruce it up. Recycling objects and material give the home a new look and change the entire vibe of the room. Using old or forgotten materials and recycling objects that would normally be tossed aside are fantastic ways to save money and redecorate the home. With a little imagination and creativity anything can be accomplished. The following easy inspirations should help anyone who wishes to make a few positive changes in their home. All that is needed is one or two of the following objects: rubber boots or accessories, old wooden crates, a branch, plastic milk crates or any other type, rope, nails, a hammer and paint. Whether a little bit of money is available or none at all, the following ideas are here to remedy an empty wallet and a wish for newness and novelty.

Hanging garden

Everybody knows a plant lover, someone who relishes the sight and care of greenery. There is nothing quite like a potted plant or potted tree to add life to a room. They sometimes give flowers or simply a lush and vivacious green touch to the room. Plants are known to filter toxins present in the air and they give out clean oxygen. The current image of a hanging garden which is a great idea to introduce into a home. After a walk in the forest or the park, one can chose a dry, sturdy and long branch, inspect it well and bring it back home to hang house plants off of it. After attaching the plants on he branch, the lovely mini garden can be hung from the ceiling for all to admire. One can also place their plant in an old wicker basket and install on the branch. The image also shows added decorations to the branch, which can be old necklaces that aren't worn so much anymore or simply to collect pebbles and small glass stones to assemble them in a strand.

Plastic crates become storage

Plastic crates have been around ever since plastic was discovered and brought onto the market. It is a material that has always been a part of daily life, but usually overlooked. Whether one has plastic milk crates or any other type of crate, there is a wonderful storage opportunity at hand. If the crates are of one dull colour, then spray painting or a dash of regular paint can remedy the dullness to the colour of one's liking. The image shown here is of colourful plastic crates that have a new life by being stored in a double-shelf unit. They offer a wide range of storage and will help a lot for organisational purposes. They can also be stacked one on top of each other if there is no shelving unit available to store them and the end result will be the same. Having a few splashes of colour in a room can completely transform the atmosphere which will enliven the entire space. The crates could also be stacked in a stair-like shape to add a funky new look to the room they are in. They can be used in a child's room or in a home office for all intents and purposes.

These boots were made for gardening

What can be done with old rubber boots that have been outgrown or that have one too many holes? They can house potted plants The image here is of vibrant canary yellow boots that are now home to two potted plants. Then end result is a fun addition to have in a home which can be placed in the kitchen, in the entrance hallway, in the bathroom, in the children's room or anywhere that tickles someone's fancy. Since potted plants need drainage, it is important to leave them in their pots that already have holes, to then place the potted plants in the boots. If a child has outgrown their rain boots, they can be reused in this way. Plastic plants and flowers can also be chosen in this case which will bring colour to the room and require a lot less effort to maintain for those who are always on the go and don't necessarily have a lot of time at home. Plastic plants and flowers are also child proof, which means that if a little loved one becomes very curious and decides to explore the plant in depth, no harm will be done.

Lights up

Any old hats hanging around? Here is a very clever and imaginative way to give a second life to an old hat that isn't worn anymore. All that is needed is a hat, a sharp tool to pierce the top, a light fixture with a lightbulb and voilà! This will tremendously jazz up the room and be a fantastic conversation starter. An important factor to keep in mind is to cover the inside part of the hat where the lightbulb will be with a plastic of metal lining to prevent the hat from becoming a fire hazard. If no hats are in the home, then teacups can be used or even wicker baskets to be hung upside-down. Another option would be to use an old lampshade and place a shawl or piece of fabric in the colour of one's choice. This will bring a lovely coloured hue to the room. If one prefers not to play with electric apparel then a candle can be placed inside a glass jar. The jar can be tinted or not to one's preferred colour choice. This design has been made possible by Enter LED e Design.

Floating bed

Wood pallets have had an increase in their usefulness ever since designers and furniture makers have had a new interest for them. They are normally used to transport goods for shipping and handling, since they can support a heavy amount of weight, they are adequately adapted to support one or two people when they are recycled into furniture.  Many things can be built from wood pallets whether it is a coffee table for the lounge, sofa chairs or a swing set. One that is very easy and quite solid is a transformation of wood pallets in a base of a bed. No need for a boxspring, wood pallets are here! In the current image, the ingenious idea was to assemble the pallets together and then, to suspend them from the ceiling to float above the ground. This bed is a dream come true. Before attempting to suspend a bed from the ceiling, it is crucial to figure out if the structural support of the home and the foundations are strong enough support that much weight. If it is not meant to hold that much weight, the same idea can be recreated by leaving the wood pallet bed base on the ground, to hang four ropes form the ceiling and attach them to the four corners of the bed, a nice bedroom illusion with a stable bed.

Wooden crates

The last and very useful tip is to look out for wooden crates or boxes that are used for shipping and handling just like wood pallets. There is something quite charming about the rustic charm of the vintage look of the boxes if kept as is since they bring a touch of warm brown to the room they are in. Not much installation is needed to store them in a home since the only work required is to stack or pile them. For more solidity, they can be nailed or stapled together in order for them to not seperate or fall over. These storage makers are also space savers and great organisational tools to put away books, CDs, vinyl collections, clothing, kitchen ware and cutlery, kids' toys or office supplies and filing. They can also be hung onto the wall if that is preferred, as well as painted in the colour of the owners choice. If piled up one on top of each other, they become a side table or a night stand. If placed along a wall as shown in this picture, they become a bookshelf for books and plants. 

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