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13 fashionable ideas to integrate kitchen, living and dining room

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The trend that has picked up fast and is becoming very popular among modern families is the idea of integrating spaces. It is a practical way to bring the family and friends together in the social area of the house. It is also important to welcome the chance to break the age old obsolete gender role defined by the society. Let cooking be a collective fun and food for the family and friends to enjoy with endless chatting face to face.

So our designers have done a wonderful job in integrating the space. Just have a look at these beautifully fashionable 13 pictures of integrated kitchen with living and dining room and get inspired.

​1. Comfortable design

Living and kitchen area is joined by the wooden dining table and transparent chairs. This excellent design idea makes long and relaxed conversation possible from anywhere in the room.

​2. Living in harmony

Bring the living room in your kitchen by placing the furniture right in the kitchen. Make it look stylish by choosing a soothing colour and maintaining the harmony.

3. Cosy little space

The curvy sofa all along the wall and stool is sufficient for all if you are in a mood for party with your large group of friends. You will not miss the fun and frolics while cooking for them.

​4. Transparent wall

If you have apprehensions to place sofa right in the kitchen to protect it from accidents and kitchen stains, then separate the two spaces with a clear glass wall. The transparency will allow the room to merge in style.

​5. The magical monochrome

When in doubt go for monochrome. The magical black and white will never let you down if looking for luxurious space.

​6. Live life king-size

Show your personality and integrate the space to show-off your jest for life. Marry the traditional ideas with modern thoughts and let your family and friends relax on the huge sofa or sit on the high chairs and unwind over lavish dinner and drinks.

7. Good old world

The charm of old world can never fade away. The warmth and rustic touch will remain new forever. While integrating the space just retain and reuse the grandma’s furniture and then give the space your modern twist.

​8. A few extra seats

Sometimes we just need a few extra chairs to bring everyone together. You can opt for the collapsible table that can be pulled to extend the counter and make place for all.

9. Creatively curved

Curvy is beautiful! Chuck that normal straight lines and let your integrated space be at its creative best in curves.

10. Remember to blink

Bring your beautifully designed dining table inside the kitchen. And if the result is this stunning keep reminding your guests to blink their eyes.

​11. Colours and patterns

Play with the colours and patterns for some mystery and surprises. Shocking colour, textured wall, patterned tiles, chairs and benches and the smooth kitchen cabinets; this space has everything and everything exist in complete harmony.

12. Imperfection is perfect

​kitchen extension dulwich with flat roof and open brickwork homify Modern kitchen

​kitchen extension dulwich with flat roof and open brickwork


Leave the open brick wall exposed, keep the table and chairs in its natural tone and let the natural lights flood the space through the large glass doors. Sometimes it is okay to be imperfect.

13. One for the family

If you don’t want to overcrowd the space with furniture, avoid it. Your house is for your comfort. It should not have to be ready for guest always. Just have a couple of chairs for your family and keep the decoration minimal for that homely feel.

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Which one of these amazing ideas inspired you the most? Please leave your comments.
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