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A—Z about bathroom showers

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A shower is one of the most important and unavoidable features in a bathroom. Hence, showers should have the right design and be functional with all the accessories properly fitted. In addition to these, showers should be stylish and luxurious as well. To purchase a good shower for your bathroom, you should know about different types of showers available. Showers are of different types with different attributes. Each shower will have a characteristic feature which will not be seen in other types of showers. With the advancement in technology, many new additional features are added to the showers. A shower screen is one such feature that helps to let the water fall in the shower area only. Shower controls enable to control the flow of hot and cold water. In the not so distant future, we can expect more additions in bath shower features. Here is a list of some popular types of showers we use, today.

Dual and multiple shower heads

This is the advanced form of single shower heads. In this type, there will be 2 or more shower heads from a single pipe instead of one. This allows more water flow and covers a  bigger amount of area than an ordinary single headed shower. Usually multiple shower heads are fixed without washers. Dual showers are safe from leakage and they often come with special functions too. One of those special functions is an adjustable head. Just like the single head spray showers, you can adjust multiple shower heads, as per your wish. These types of showers also have an adjustable pressure button too. With this feature you can adjust to get high pressure from one shower head and low from the other one. The massaging capabilities of these showers can also be adjusted as per the user’s wish. Designed by Sculleries of Stockbridge, kitchen manufacturers from UK, the bathroom design shown above has multiple shower heads and amazing interiors. 

Single-head spray showers

Single head spray showers, as the name suggests have got a single head to shower water. They come in different shape, size, colour and price. Most of the showers of this type have filtering facility, which filters the water before reaching the tip of shower head. This prevents bacteria and germs reaching your skin. Most of the single head spray showers are adjustable. They come with various spray types like massaging, flat stream and mist. In addition to these, they can be rotated in different angles, depending upon the height of the user. Single head spray showers are replaceable. If your shower head gets damaged, you can replace it with another shower head of the same category.

Rain showers

Is there anyone who doesn’t like to get drenched in rain? Most of the people will say ‘No’, as everyone enjoys feeling the rain. The feeling of rain sprinkling on your body is a feeling which can’t be expressed in words. The amazing feeling of being under the rain makes people install rain showers in their bathrooms. There is no substitute shower for the rain showers, as no other type of shower can give you the feeling of being in the rain. There are plenty of designs and styles among rain showers. Rain showers are comparatively larger with more openings and wider rays, than ordinary showers. The wider spray coming from numerous jets of water, will give you an amazing feel as well as comfort. Rain showers are available in various styles and designs. Just like the ordinary single headed or multiple headed showers, the pressure and strength can be controlled in rain showers too.

Hand-held shower heads

Hand held showers are one of most used showers, these days. Hand held showers are not permanently bolted to the wall. These types of showers are removable unlike other types of showers. They can be easily mounted and dismounted, whenever the user wishes. The best thing about this type of a shower is the easiness to operate and control. This shower also has the facility to point the shower to an aching muscle to relieve from pain. For those people who have been using standard showers for a long time, may find it tough to use this shower. Hand held showers cost more than ordinary showers and fitting them is not an easy task. But once you fit this shower and start to use it, you will definitely experience the difference and become a fan of it. Therefore, if you are able to afford the extra expense of fitting this shower, it can reward you with added luxury.

Body sprays

To enjoy the soothing power of water, one has to use body sprays. Body sprays can be used with hand showers as well as showers mounted on walls. Body sprays give you a different feeling of getting showered under a waterfall. They can be placed in bathrooms for getting an excellent body massage. There are people who fit 4 different body sprays to enjoy the feeling of getting showered. There are different types of body sprays. Some body sprays sculpt water in a unique wave pattern, giving the user a feel of excess water, but in reality not much water is used, they can be adjusted in vertical as well as horizontal positions. There is another body spray, which is mounted on the surface of the shower, so that it does not require a rough valve. This type uses rubber spray holes. There are many other types of body sprays, which offer different experiences.

Hand showers

Drummonds Case Study: Loz Feliz Retreat, California Drummonds Bathrooms BathroomBathtubs & showers
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: Loz Feliz Retreat, California

Drummonds Bathrooms

Everyone enjoys showering. But you may find it boring, if you use the same shower for years. Most of the people are not satisfied with using the same type of showers for years. Many people find it weird to move their body, according to the flow of water from the shower to get washed. The fixed showers interfere with the convenience of the user and hinder the joy of showering in some cases. All these troubles can be solved using a single shower, which is different from other types of showers-hand showers. Hand showers are not mounted on walls, unlike other showers. These showers can be held in the hand and the user can wet any part of his/her body without moving the whole body. All you have to do is to move the hand shower and get showered. This shower also controls water wastage. Hand showers are always an asset to a bathroom. It would be nice if you fix a hand shower along with the other showers you have.

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