​How to furnish in art deco style?

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Art deco has been one of the all time favourite decorative styles of homes for decades. In the good old days, people were themselves adept in creating great art forms for decorating their home. These days, one seeks professional help to do so because most people have little time to do so. Those who have an inclination towards art forms, use various classic as well as modern art forms to decorate their living place. There are a plethora of art forms available today to decorate your homes. By and large, each home calls for a particular style of art. Hence, the first and the foremost thing to furnish your home in art deco style, is to identify what art form suits our home. If you lack ideas and inspiration to decorate your house in art deco style, here, we bring you an ideabook that will serve as a perfect guide to help you choose the best art forms for your home. Let's begin..

Use of light colours

One salient feature of art deco is the optimum use of light colours with shinY effects. Colours used in art deco are elegant and dramatic. This art mostly uses light colours over dark colours along with touches of beige, commonly found in Indian homes. Use of such colours is very important in interior design as well as exterior architecture. This style uses sharp bursts of the colours influenced by colours of Matisse and the other fauves. During 1920’s, themes of white, cream and beige were also popular in Europe. Art deco uses many colour combinations too. Orange and yellow, mauve and silver, blue and lime green were some of the popular colour combinations used. All white rooms were also made using this art style in those days. Today, even after 80 years, the same colour choices of art deco are widely accepted by people for designing rooms. 

Elegant furniture using wood

Furniture made in art deco style using wood was one of the classiest forms of art, those days. Even today art deco wooden furniture has high demand among wooden furniture lovers. The furniture in this style is made from teak and ebony. During the1920’s and 1930’s, teak and ebony were imported to make furniture in this style. Wooden furniture in art deco style brings distinctive looks to your room. Furniture with strong sweeping lines has high demand among consumers. Chairs, tables, beds and cabinets were the most common furniture pieces made in art deco style. Just like the aesthetic values, art deco furniture stands high in quality too. The classic sofa set in the picture above perfectly matches with the ancient wall paper design. The wonderful interiors of the living room shown above have been designed by MM Studio, architects from Russia. 

Art Deco

Art Deco is one of the oldest ways for decorating homes. Though it originated before the First World War, it actually flourished after the World War. Art deco was the most popular style during 1920s and 1930s. It was considered to be the most functional and elegant design form available during those days. The specialty of art deco was in the usage of materials like marble, stainless steel, aluminum, inlaid wood, zebra skin, etc, which were considered as non-traditional, those days. It also emphasises the usage of clean lines and geometrical shapes. Art deco can be applied anywhere in your house, to your dining room or even the bedroom. This art form displays strength and endurance and this is the reason why it was so popular 100 years back and even now.

Wall Paneling

Wall panels are a part of interior decoration. They divide the walls beautifully and artistically. This can be done by dividing the walls in different portions by paneling. Though there are a plenty of design options available to panel your walls, art deco brings you an amazing art form which combines both, modernity and class. The popularity of this art style is still the same and many people use them to design their homes even today. This style uses polished wood, coloured glass, and lustrous plastic to design the walls. Bold colours and metallic paints are used to enhance the aesthetic values of the design. This design uses an artistic representation of animals, imaginative interpretations of vehicles, sky scrapers and lots more.

Geometric pattern of art deco

The geometrical shapes, angles, patterns and curves used in art deco depicted the culture of rapid developments in the industrial and technological world of the 20th century. You can understand this by closely viewing the art deco works. Most of the symbols used in art deco are about skyscrapers, radios, phonographs and ocean liners. Art deco was futuristic in all sense. Art deco emphasises on geometrical figures like spheres, polygons, rectangles, trapezoids, zigzags etc. Elements made up of these patterns are generally arranged in symmetrical patterns. Art deco believes that geometrical shapes of triangles and squares are the basis of all geometrical figures. All other forms are derived from these basic forms. These were the earliest figures used in art deco. After a few years, they started using figures like cone, sphere and cylinder. Using these basic geometrical figures, art deco started to derive other forms and use in their designs.

Use of marble

Marble was used for building purposes, many centuries ago. The Vaudeville Brasserie in Paris was built using marble in the art deco style. This monument has sculptures in modern and classical style as well. Nowadays, marble is easily available in a variety of designs and patterns. People who wish to design their homes in art deco style won’t find it hard to integrate marble in the interiors of their home. For designing your home in art deco style, you can use marble in the dining room, drawing hall, bedroom and restroom.

Fascinated by these designs or still looking for more art deco inspiration? To assimilate more ideas related to art deco, do not sign out before taking a look at this ideabook : Furnish your home in art decor style

So, which art deco design will suit your home? Let us know in the comments below. 

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