Storage solutions for small bathrooms

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It’s the age of smart furnishing and maximum space utilisation. Small homes with even smaller bathrooms can be designed in a way so that they take up the least amount of space and provide maximum comfort.  You can decorate your small bathroom with a host of smartly designed items, to make more room. No need to worry if the flat you rented has a small bathroom, smart bathroom storage solutions can solve this problem. These bathroom storage solutions are easily available within a moderate budget. But before you install any of these bathroom fittings, you need to figure out what you really need in your bathroom. Since storage is the main problem, a wall mounted cabinet for storing essential items is very useful. Smart planning can turn this small space into a neat and convenient area in your house, that won’t irritate you. Storage in small spaces is such a common issue these days,  through this ideabook you will be able to come up with unique and effective design ideas for your tiny bathing space by following just a few tips.

Mirror cabinet

You don’t need a separate cabinet for storing your bathroom essentials if there is not much space on the wall. Mirror cabinets serve a 2-in-one purpose with a mirror at the front that opens to a cabinet at the back. You can keep your stuff there and then close it to use the mirror. Buy a wooden mirror cabinet or a plastic one, depending on how much you would like to spend on these pieces. Also, its size should depend on your necessity. If it is only for your use, get yourself a smaller one, but choose a bigger and better design if you would share it with someone.

Sink cabinet

A sink cabinet is the low cabinet you often find right under the sink. These type of cabinets are mainly used to store some extra items that you general need in your bathroom. You can keep a sink cabinet in your bathroom, if you think you need more storage space and only a mirror cabinet would not suffice. There are a variety of designs in wall mounted sink cabinets that serve the purpose as well as saves floor area. Choose a natural wooden paint for the cabinet or a colour that compliments the floor and the wall tiles. There are a range of designs to choose from and these can been planned keeping in mind the practical difficulties of larger bathroom fittings in a smaller space.

Tiny shelving units

A tiny shelving unit by your sink or in a corner of your small bathroom comes handy for keeping the bathroom essentials. Young home owners are adopting different ways for storing things to reduce the amount of space occupied and increase storage capacity. The shelving units occupy less floor area but you can store more on their racks. From towels to other essentials that should be there in a bathroom, you can store a lot of small stuff here. If the bathroom is too small, you can get one shelving unit with two to three shelves. If you have a bigger wall to accommodate it, you can go for a a bigger one.The wooden shelves shown in the picture above have been designed by SPA Ambiente, professionals from Germany for convenience in storage. 

Wall shelves

By adding shelves to the wall you can squeeze in that extra space into your bathroom that you cannot do without. These little shelves for the wall come in different shapes and sizes so that they can be installed along any corner of the bathroom. The shelves are pretty firm and secure so that they can bear considerable weight. They can be made of glass, wood, or even plastic. Or you can have them carved out in marble while the bathroom is being constructed. Glass designs are elegant but you will also find impressive variants in wood and plastic.

Hanging boxes

Hanging boxes are useful if you do not want to keep your stuffs in the open. These boxes hang on the wall, providing you the benefit of storing more items out of sight and making the bathroom look clutter free. These hanging boxes are amazing as they generally have a lots of storage space inside. There are shelves in it as well as other holders for keeping smaller items. Many even come with a mirror, fixed on the other side of the door. The hanging box on your bathroom wall can more or less accommodate most of the essential items, from your shampoo to toothpaste as well. These type of bathroom fixtures help you keep your small bathroom neat and organised.

Corner shelving unit

The corners of small bathrooms can be utilised very effectively. If you have been ignoring the idea of installing a corner shelving unit in your bathroom, its time you reconsider it. It is one of the best suited fixtures for small bathrooms. These units are specially designed for the corners. They are also very convenient and stylish at the same time. You can mount it at the corner by the wet area or beside the sink, whichever suits you better. These type of fixtures take less space by efficiently utilizing the corners.

If you have a small bathroom and are looking for more inspiring ideas; take a look at this ideabook on 7 Savvy storage solutions for a small bathroom.

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