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Welcome to this unique and bright home in Pune created by Happy Liveininterior designers and decorators from Delhi. This spacious two-bedroom home is a sight for the sore eyes, with vibrant hues and the deep wooden colours. The lighting has been kept modern in keeping with the liking for a contemporary design. Exclusive design ideas coupled with bright colour combinations makes this home a pleasure to live in. Ample storage space and an open kitchen make for functional yet stylish home.

Bright Sitting Room

Beautiful shining ivory floor tiles and a ceiling-to-floor Balcony door adds space and ventilation to the home. A false ceiling accentuated by wooden beam like design works well with the general theme of the home. The dim lighting in the ceiling gives a glow around the home which can be used to make the home look warm and inviting. Additional lighting is provided on a small beam along the wall which can also be used to display interesting and fun curios.

Another Look- Contemporary Living Room

An abstract shape on the roof along with the bright cherry red contrasts along the wall in the cubby holes adds excitement to the design and prevents it from remaining stark and uninteresting.

Open Kitchen

This is a spacious kitchen with an interesting combination of white and dark brown for the look. Not only does it prevent monotony, but it creates excitement in a space that can get boring with the usual choices. The stainless-steel handles used for the drawers and the doors give it a classic touch.

An Attractive Bathroom

The design for the wash basin is exclusive and unusual. While this can be a conversation starter by itself, the bathroom is functional. The space within the room has been used effectively as well. The dark bathroom door matches with the wood colours used around the home.

An Interesting Passageway

The space in between has used innovatively to provide storage for your crockery or anything that needs to be stowed. The addition of a wash basin gives the space some utility while the use of wood in between the white cupboards brings the space alive. Votives and candles can be used to make space look pretty and inviting.

A Vibrant Bedroom

An interesting choice of colours makes this room look happy and cheerful. The bright red walls behind the headboard and a patch of the same behind the fan in the ceiling tie it all together. While the stripes in the furnishings give it a masculine look, the curtains lend a softer and a more feminine touch.

A Serene Bedroom

The colours used to bring this space alive is almost ocean-like and calming. The light blue accents coupled with the light blue lighting in the false ceiling is gorgeous and perfect for relaxing.

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