12 floor ideas to make your bedroom look fantastic

Menora Residence Moda Interiors Modern style bedroom
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Why do we only think about walls and furniture while decorating the bedrooms? Very conveniently we forget the importance of floor in the most intimate space of our home which we call ‘my room’. There is no rule written anywhere that the flooring should just be a pile of ceramic tiles or marble laid in lines. Let’s be innovative and experiment with materials, colour or even the way you place the carpet in your bedroom. We can play with scintillating ideas to cover the floor of our bedroom and give it an exquisite makeover. 

Today we have brought for you 12 amazing floor design ideas for your bedroom. Take some clue from here and dress the floor of your bedroom and see how the entire décor of the room will change. Let’s dive in and check out what our professional designers have designed for your room.

1. Wooden warmth

Think differently and instead of a regular wooden floor, make it look dramatic. In this room different shade of wood in different texture has been used to cover the floor. Different hue of wood is an innovative way to make the room interesting.

​2. Light shade of the floor

If the furniture and furnishing is of dark colour then let the floor be in light shade. In this room, medium sized ceramic tiles and carpet in neutral shade has been deliberately selected to give a contrast to orange colour used for the decoration here.

​3. Charm of the vintage touch

Electrifying color of ceramic ‘rug’ covering most of the room with just a small part on the edges exposing the actual neutral tone of the floor looks stunning. The bed, lamps and the neutral shade of this room are complementing the floor and enhancing its beauty.

​4. Dark side of the room

It is quite a bold choice, but the result is amazing. After seeing the picture we can say it for sure that if the room is predominantly white then dark color floor will make it more beautiful. What do you think?

​5. The magical carpet

Menora Residence Moda Interiors Modern style bedroom
Moda Interiors

Menora Residence

Moda Interiors

The wooden floor is half covered with a carpet that is in complete harmony with the décor of the room. It looks modern and chic.

​6. Grey shade of the marble

When choosing marble for the floor, select the one in the shade of grey and white like the one used here in this room. The benefit is that it combines well with the dark shade furniture or even the ones in wooden tone. Apart from that, it looks elegant.

7. Flowers on the floor

It is not always necessary to dress the floor with expensive carpet. Floral tiles or Vinyl flooring is a great way to add color in the room and decorate the floor. These floral tiles lay like a carpet is looking amazing against the neutral tone of the uncovered floor. The vibrancy is attention-grabbing.

​8. Fresh and trendy

The long shiny well polished concrete floor or paneled ceramic floor in neutral shade will spread a feeling of freshness in the room. Contrast it with some bright color in the furnishing and the room will get a modern and contemporary touch.

​9. Trick that will be a treat

There is no dearth of flooring tiles in market. You think of color, texture and design, great possibility is that you will get one of your choices. If you love wood and wooden feel but don’t want a wooden floor since it is not suitable for Indian climate and life style, opt for the ceramic tiles in wooden color and texture. It will trick your mind and be a treat for your eyes.

10. Lighting the floor

Now this is a smart way to have different decoration in a single room; one for the day and other to make the evenings romantic. A normal ordinary room bathe in the glory of hidden light in the evenings. The furniture is defined by the light. It is adding color to the floor too.

​11. Soft touch of the carpet

It is a divine feeling to walk barefoot in the comfort of your bedroom with soft carpet under your steps. It is an epitome of relaxation. This is exactly what bedroom is for, isn’t it?

​12. Walking on the cloud

White, shiny and spotlessly clean floor beneath your feet will make you feel like you are walking on the clouds. Keep the floor clear of any obstruction. Let it be decorated only by the furniture and furnishing and the splash of colour on it. It will look elegantly gorgeous.

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Which floor did you like the best for your bedroom? Do let us know in your comments below.

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