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15 modern wardrobe designs for your bedroom

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The bedroom is incomplete without a proper closet or wardrobe. But most of the time while designing a room we end up with a not-so-modern fixture that stands out like a sore thumb. With so many different materials available to choose from nowadays, it has become effortless to find modern-looking cupboards for your home. These pieces of furniture will not only fulfill their primary purpose but will also act as a decorative element. That is why in this ideabook, we have collected 15 of the most beautiful modern looking wardrobes that would transform your bedroom instantly.

1. Mirror doors

If you have a small bedroom, then a mirrored wardrobe is an excellent option as it solves two purposes at once. One is of your storage requirements, whereas the other is of making the room look spacious.

2. Shifting panels

Another modern feature that you can find in a wardrobe is shifting doors or panels. These entries are best in case you want to save space in your room.

3. Built-in cupboard

Built in bedroom wardrobe designs not only look beautiful but can also be customised easily. They can be made of various materials including wood and iron. The center section of the wardrobe here also has a proper space for placing the TV in your bedroom.

4. Elevated cupboard

One can also opt for an elevated cupboard in case you are looking to save space. In this picture, the wardrobe is above the level of the bed so that it is easy to access.

5. Fiberboard wardrobe

In case you want a cupboard which is modern and lightweight then fiberboard is the best option. These also come in natural tones, which makes them look like real wood.

6. Multifunctional wardrobe

For this room, the designer has created a multifunctional cupboard that also features a TV unit and a chest of drawers.

7. See-through cupboard

A great alternative for traditional cupboard doors are these see-through ones. They will allow you to look inside the cupboard without having to open the gates.

8. Cupboard with drawers

Incorporating different types of storage units in one cupboard can also give you a fully functional piece of furniture. Here the design has added two additional drawers on the top and bottom of the fixture.

9. Sleek closet

A sleek looking closet like this can fit comfortably into any room. Also, it is a better alternative than traditional cupboards.

10. Vintage wardrobe

In case you want to incorporate a classic charm into your bedroom then vintage wardrobes are a must.

11. Glass screens

Shifting door cupboards can also be made with glass screens to make them lightweight and modern.

12. Narrow wardrobe

According to the space available in your room, you can opt for narrow cupboards which can be placed even in the corners.

13. Antique cupboards

If you want to give a beautiful contrast to your modern looking room, then antique cupboards are also an excellent choice.

14. Solid wood cupboard

A wardrobe material that never goes out of style is solid wood. Such cupboards are more durable than the ones made out of other materials.

15. Laminated doors

In case you want to incorporate a pattern or texture on your cupboard without spending too much then consider using lamination sheets for the doors.

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Some other impressive designs

You can end your search for modern wardrobe designs for bedrooms with this marvellous creation. Smartly aligned with the frame of the bed, this bedroom wardrobe design has used every inch of the wall to offer ample storage space. Besides including differently sized cabinets and drawers, the professionals have incorporated multiple open shelves as well for displaying accessories.

Are you looking for unique wardrobe designs for bedrooms? Here is another option for you. This charming design not only offers wide space for holding your belongings but also incorporates open shelves for keeping books. While its white colour blends perfectly with the walls, its deep blue lacquered sheets give a lively touch to the modern interiors of the room.

Which of these designs is perfect for your bedroom?

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