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10 fantastic modular kitchen design by Mumbai architects

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Check out these amazingly comfortable kitchen designed by the talented architects of Mumbai, a challenge well accepted and beautifully delivered. Kitchen is the most difficult space to design since it is the usually the smallest space of the house. In the Maximum city called Mumbai, homes are spatially challenged, so not much is left to build a kitchen. But our professionals have shown that it is possible to design a flawlessly functional kitchen even in limited space. Have a look at these beautifully designed perfect kitchens which are modern, chic, convenient, stunning and yet are simple.

​1. A visual treat

The Venetian tiles highlighted by lamps hiding beneath the wall cabinets, the long handles of the wooden cabinets, the rich colour of wood and sparkling white marble counter top; this beautiful kitchen is simply a visual treat.

​2. Traditionally contemporary

The traditional feel of this kitchen makes it quite chic and fashionable. White and wood is a match made in heaven. The traditional handle of the cabinets, open and closed shelves, wall cabinets with hidden handle and the pristine white tiles, it is perfect.

​3. Wooden magic

The elegance of wood is unmatchable. It can never be outdated. The designer has done a beautiful job in this long space. The open windows flood the kitchen with natural light during the days. In the night when the city will glow, the view from the window will brighten the evenings. Every inch of the space is smartly used to build enough cabinets to keep the kitchen organized.

​4. A corner called kitchen

The size of the kitchen will hardly matter if it is perfectly designed like this. The floor cabinets in white and wall cabinets in walnut are joined by white tiles. The little patch of mosaic tiles below the chimney is sufficient to add some colour.

​5. Modernity exemplified

A kitchen without any boundary or limit, this is what a modern kitchen should look like. Purple, blue and grey, even the colours are quite contemporary and complementing. It is a beautiful island kitchen for modern family where cooking is not just a chore.

​6. Old meets new

It is a good idea to retain your favourite old furniture while adding the new furniture. Together they will create a beautiful symphony. The natural tone and texture of wood finish complements the polished surface and darker tone in the drawers. It looks amazing!

​7. Stylish blend

It is a beautiful amalgamation of space. The openness of kitchen, the rustic feel of the dining area and splash of colour here and there makes the décor interesting. Single hanging lamp and built-in lights have brightened up the space delightfully.

​8. A room with a view




If there are windows in the kitchen, flaunt them. The shine of window glass matches with the shiny surfaces of the cabinets. The combination of grey and red has a modern feel and warmth that make the simple kitchen look stylish.

​9. Vividly florescent

Colour it right and the space will become lively! The florescent green shining on the wall complements white and together they are energizing the kitchen. Hidden handle cabinets are well designed and look elegant. Open blocks of wood painted green create drama with its different shapes and sizes. It is a smart and creative way to build open shelves in the kitchen.

​10. Immaculately pure

The cool and calm white kitchen looks spotlessly pure. The wall, the cabinets, the island, three pendant lamps and even the kitchen gadgets are colour coordinated to maintain the purity and sanctity of the space. It is mesmerizing!

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