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The garden is like a temporary retreat into solidarity with its calm, scenic view and silence. A great place to unwind after a long day or during the weekends, the garden has a sense of versatility. Luxurious or simple, it can be designed to suit your needs. 

If you live in the city, you can create your own garden indoors or in your balcony. If you live in the suburbs, the options of decorating your garden are greater. A pool, pond, or a waterfall, the garden can be spruced with a variety of waterbodies. The garden is also a place to grow your herb garden or add a lounge chair to bask in the sun. Take a virtual stroll through these garden ideas for more inspiration on garden decor.

Perks of being a wallflower

If your home lacks a backyard, you can always enhance your porch with potted plants and wallflowers. This charming porch is designed with an array of plants and planters for a country-inspired look. With two armchairs on the porch, you can turn the porch into a retreat for you and your loved one. The garden can also feature your favorite herbs or vegetable plants.

A luxurious state of mind

Perched on a hill top with a stunning mountainous view, this garden is the definition of luxury living. This architectural beauty blends a garden and a pool to create the perfect habitat. A minimal landscape, the garden flaunts a rectangular pool with a triangular garden area. The colours of the garden merge gorgeously with the white chaise lounge and garden accessories. 

Pond and ponder

Simple and evergreen, this garden is enhanced with a rustic style. Uneven stones, various plants, and two bird accessories give this garden a charming look. A very quaint design, the garden is serene and helps you relax. One of the most common landscapes, this garden can be altered and personalized as per your requirements.

Indoor tropics

Craving for nature in the midst of city life? Add an indoor garden to your home and enjoy the thriving ecosystem without the hassle of traveling to the park. Perfect for plant lovers, this Zen-inspired garden adds tropical touch to your home. For further inspiration on indoor gardens, you can browse through this ideabook.

A tranquil addition

Wanted an indoor garden but lacked the space? Terrariums, a new trend, are a great way of adding foliage to your home. These mini gardens are designed in glass containers and require very low maintenance. They can be added to any part of your home and on any piece of furniture. The terrariums are available in varying sizes and shapes, blending easily with most decors. 

Have a look at Muraliarchitects for ideas on indoor gardens. 

Cozy and charming

Want to have an outdoor gathering with friends and family? Add a stunning sofa set or dining set to your garden for parties and other occasions. The garden can be fashioned for an informal or formal occasion. Sky lighting, candles, and lawn lights are sure to set the mood in your garden. 


Swing away

One of the greatest inventions, the garden swing will bring back fond memories of your childhood. Designed in the shape of an armchair, this swing is perfect for the garden. With a cushioned seat and pillow, the garden swing offers a comfortable seating experience. Experience the serenity of your garden with this swing by catching up on your book or just observing nature. You can add different accessories to transform your garden into a fun place. 

Unwind and rewind

Ever wanted to watch the stars at night or observe butterflies in the garden? A simple yet fascinating design, the hammock has always been a favourite amongst people. This hammock, with its elaborate model, is the perfect way to relax on the weekends or after a long day at work. It includes a shade to protect you from the sun and also has a wine stand to keep your bottle and snacks.

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