16 two-storey homes you should see before designing your home

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When you see a house, you first see its façade and this is the style that defines your house. If you check out majority of modern houses, you will see that most of the lines are simple with straight lines. Open spaces and volumes are emphasised greatly in these designs. However, there are also modern homes in which there are curved elements and these are prevalent in the roofs, balconies, walls and terraces. 

If you take a close look, you will find that in almost all modern constructions, the textures and the materials used play an important part in the exterior designing of the house. For instance, you will see that there is extensive use of concrete, stone, glass and similar materials. Paint and frieze finishes can also be seen in many homes, which are regarded as modern. The car parking area is sometimes out of the house premises and sometimes integrated into the same space. Designs for both the situations are different. Mentioned below are 16 two-storey house designs, which are amazing. Take a look at these if you are planning to design your new home:

1. Contemporary with different volumes

Take a look at this two storey house, which has a contemporary appearance but with different volumes. Different colors and textures are used for the exterior décor of the home, giving the home an elegant appearance.

2. Wooden and glass latticework and black walls on the home exteriors

This home has a simple look, but has a sense of elegance and sophistication. The glass and the wooden latticework by the entrance door, add glamour to the house. The glass railing on the balcony looks simple, but adds an interesting touch to the whole house.

3. Create volume in the property with wood

This home has a very modern appearance. Lighting plays a pivotal role in this façade design. The glass windows are set amidst large framed panels. The walls are in white colour and the volume in the house comes from the use of wood. The garage on the ground floor of the house is designed smartly so that it is integrated with the outside uneven area of the house well.

4. A simple small house, which is highly functional

The specialty of this house is that it is excellently designed, saving space, but still it is not crammed. Functionality of the house has been enhanced in many ways. For instance, the entrance to the house and the garage is the same. White walls and stones in light colour, add an interesting tone to the façade. The light rails are made with metal rods and are painted in black.

5. Having the garage at the basement level

This two-storey house comes with grey stone covering along with a strong floor, ceiling and wall border, which encloses the whole exterior. This feature adds a unique charm to the house. The use of glass and wood in the smartest manner adds to the exterior décor of the place. The most interesting part of this home design is the garage at the basement level. You will need to go down from the main entrance to the garage. As a result, the house seems to be at an elevated level.

6. Use of different materials in this two-storey house

This two-storey house might look extremely posh and expensive. But it is actually not that. The design of the house is done in a manner that such an appearance is made. Smooth textured stones in different shades are used in the house. You can see how the materials are used smartly in the horizontal planes for creating the impact. There are also vertical elements in white, which add a new dimension to the structure. The garage in the house has space for two vehicles and is roofed by the second floor terrace.

7. The simply designed house

When you see this house, you will find it really simple. The grey tones that form the frame of the whole façade of the house is what is the attraction of the structure. For ventilation inside the house, the garage is right under the upper floor and is quite spacious.

8. Wooden lattices for limiting spaces

This is a modern two-storey house and looks really elegant for the elements used on the exteriors of the property. The glass façade looks really cool in the setup. The entrance is coated in varnished wood. Wooden lattices are also seen in the covering of the ventilation space and in the separation of the roofed garage. On the whole, an interesting setup.

9. Glass and wood for the façade

If you are looking for wooden elements on the home exteriors, you can definitely try this option. Use large panes of wood – some in closed covering the walls and some in the form of lattices. Along with providing sun protection, this arrangement helps in providing proper ventilation in the interior rooms. Both glass and wood make gorgeous exteriors.

10. Stone in the exteriors marking the home entrance

This house is based on very simple lines. Stones in two different color tones are used in the house. And this combination provides the necessary volume and depth to the property. Apart from the two colored stones, there are dark gray stones, which are at the entrance and other pivotal places in the house. There is a porch covered by a pergola. The entrance of the home is also separated from the garage with stone walls in lighter shades.

11. Textured stone next to wooden detailing

If you want your home exteriors to depict strength and weightiness, there is no better option than using stone coatings for the same. And the stone coatings have to be applied to large areas. In this particular home, dark brown stone coatings are used with interesting textures. The entrance of the house is just by the stone coatings. The wooden detailing has almost the same colour as the stone and is used smartly in the façade. The ceiling is in white with thick edges and has horizontal lines.

12. The garage and entrance, sharing spaces

In this project, there are many elements that play important roles in deciding as how the house will look in totality. There is an iron structure in black, there are spaces in glass and other closed spaces in the house. The roof space has been used excellently for the main entrance door as well as for the garage of the house.

13. The transparent aspect of the house

Transparent glass has been used excellently in this home façade. You can see the stairs that run up to the first floor through the transparent glass. The glass window in the first floor also gives a sense of transparency in the property.

14. The smartly closed garage

The floors in this two-storey house are really small, but the excellent design and the materials used in the making of the house are things that need special mention for sure. The garage seems to be virtually closed with black painted light iron rods. The upper floor has a stone covered walls, which is in complete contrast with the garage design. The border walls on the sides of the garage are in the same material as the stone covered wall.

15. Sophistication with compactness

If you want to see the combination of sophistication with compactness, this two-storey house is the perfect example for the same. With simple textures and colors, the house looks really outstanding. The greenery adds special effects to the place for sure.

16. Large two-storey house with large garage

The moment you take a look at this house, you can understand that it is large from all aspects. Right from the rooms to the balcony to the garage to the intersections and the separating areas, everything is spacious and voluminous. The whole structure looks amazingly grand with use of suitable materials and textures.

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