How to decorate a room of less than 10 square metres

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Contrary to how it may seem, decorating and furnishing  a small room  is not necessarily a mammoth task. The first thing we must consider is the personality that we would like to capture in the space. Additionally, a basic point that will help is to try to bring light and air circulation into the room. A few pieces of furniture, ideally small, are recommended to make everything work perfectly. 

Colours, textures and the type of furniture can help in making even the smallest of rooms looks simply spectacular. 

We invite you to get inspired by the following images of professionally designed spaces.

1. Maintain the proportion of the furniture

In small spaces, it is very important that the proportion of furniture matches with the dimensions of the room, so that there is harmony in the decoration and environment. The best option is to choose light furniture with simple lines. 

Avoid the large coffee tables, as they will hinder movement, and if you can’t do without it, choose one with a glass surface to add lightness to the design. Modular furniture is a great idea, as you can accommodate them in the most convenient way into the design of your home.

2. L-shaped sofas

These sofas are the best choice for square rooms, as they allow the layout to flow better. The example in this image has two sofas, but saves space as they are connected. Choose a 3x2 L sofa, as a piece with these dimensions is more attractive and looks more modern.

3. Hide disorder

Keeping chaos out of sight is of prime importance in small spaces that seek to achieve a modern and elegant style. You can place a cabinet with doors, where books and electrical appliances, such as the television screen and audio system, can be hidden away. This way, the room will always look tidy and have a fresh and clean feel.

4. Mount the TV screen on the wall

Installing the TV on the wall is an ideal solution for perfectionists and designers, because the cables are out of sight, making the area look more aesthetic and orderly. 

In this way, the television can stand out and become the focal point of the space. If you also have modular furniture, as in this case, the space below provides for better organization of objects and elements that decorate the room.

5. Place shelves

Shelves are a great option to take advantage of the vertical space in small environments. You can place a variety of objects on them, from functional pieces to the decorative ones, making them a strategic display space. Distribute shelves in several places in the room so that you can have space for your books, photographs, discs and even a sound system. 

When installing shelves, ensure that they don’t restrict movement or become obstacles. They should only serve the purpose of decorating the walls of the room. At eye level, avoid placing too many objects, as they will saturate the space and create visual chaos.

6. Use neutral colours

Neutral colours are ideal for painting and decorating small spaces, since they manage to make the dimensions of the area appear wider, and because they are easy to combine with other colours. A room in beige or grey, like we see in this example, can bring a feeling of comfort and subtle elegance to the environment. In addition, these colours help to add depth to the space.

7. But don’t be afraid to use vibrant colours

We already talked about the importance of colour in our environments, because with them, we can create different moods, besides giving life to the space.

Bright colours infuse joy into a space. They are luminous and can become the protagonists in a room, as we can see in this lively and dynamic room, which has each armchair in a different style. Furthermore, each of the armchairs is dressed in a unique and vivid colour. Together, they take care of the decoration of the room. There’s no need to use other accessories.

The ample amount of natural and artificial light, enhances the feeling of amplitude so that the space does not appear cramped.

8. Place mirrors

Mirrors placed in strategic areas can make a small space feel larger. You can hang a large mirror in a central location to create a focal point. To reflect the light and add a pleasant atmosphere, place it behind a light source like a lamp or candles. If possible, place the mirror in front of a window to reflect the view and to create the illusion of another window, like in this photo.

9. Don’t forget the ceiling

When decorating rooms, we must not forget the importance of the ceilings. They can completely transform the appearance of any room. In this design, it is impossible to think that the room is dark. This is due to the colours used to paint the space. 

The white ceiling, door and windows frames and the furniture are responsible for magnifying the amount of natural light. The small windows contrast spectacularly with the blue tone of the rest of the decoration in addition to creating a feeling of unity in the overall design.

10. Choosing the right carpets

Carpets are spectacular elements for decorating as they are striking and bring warmth and comfort to the rooms of the house. In a small room, a tip that will help you create a wider effect, incredible as it may seem, is to place a large rug on the floor, especially if it has geometric patterns that enhance the feeling of depth as we can see here.

See this ideabook for more inspiration about using carpets to decorate spaces.

11. Include textures on the wall

In small spaces, special attention much be paid to the number of decorative objects since an excess of them can cause a disorderly and oppressive sensation. So, you must choose a few, but pick them well. An alternative to bring personality and style to the decoration of the room, is to add texture to the walls. In this example, we can see that the wall at the back of the room is clad in wood, which makes the atmosphere cosy and warm, in addition to providing a refined and elegant touch.

12. Don’t forget about plants

In this image, the limited space is not a problem, since the door allows one to enjoy the nature outdoors. The space is distributed with two light blue sofas with straight and simple lines, a coffee table, a side unit of wood and a colourful and striped handmade rug. 

Adding to the charm are lush potted plants and ceramic vases. The natural light entering through the door makes the atmosphere bright and pleasant. The white and rustic walls as well as the strong presence of the wood in the decor, guarantee simplicity and a welcoming feel.

Which of these tips will you try in your small room? Share your ideas with us.

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