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8 door designs to transform your kitchen

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Grosvenor | Walnut And Marble Elegance Davonport Modern kitchen Wood Brown
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Your kitchen is not just a space to cook food in – it is the soul of your house! Most modern homes have an open kitchen concept without a door to separate it from the rest of the house. But where there are doors opening to the inside or connecting to the outside of the homes, they can be used innovatively to lend character to the kitchen. Here are some great kitchen door ideas that allow your creativity to flow and transform your kitchen into a space you would live to spend time in.

1. Passage to the backyard

This glass door that opens out in the backyard allows for natural flow of light and is great for kitchens that do not have provision for windows.

2. The perfect camouflage

When you want to restrict the view in the kitchen or have some privacy, it is a great idea to cover up the glass kitchen door with stylish blinds or sheer curtains. It is best to avoid thick fabrics and bright hues for a white kitchen. Take a cue from this kitchen designed by the architects at Punch Tad

3. Make it a part of the décor

This kitchen door is painted white, just like the rest of the kitchen, the design continuity is maintained. It also helps to create the illusion of a large uninterrupted space.

4. When the door is a snapshot of the interior

In this innovative kitchen done up in the rustic style, the door sets the tone for the décor. The first glimpse of the door itself is a tiny taste of what is to follow.

5. Do it up with a trellis

When you want to let in as much natural light as possible but do not want to compromise on security, put a trellis on your glass door. This design does not have the stern look of boring grilles and adds its own personality to the kitchen.

6. Stained glass for classic elegance

For a kitchen that has hints of rusticity along with modern amenities, nothing works better than a stained glass door. It provides the perfect combination of modernity and tradition that blends well with the kitchen design.

7. Window design door

Grosvenor | Walnut And Marble Elegance Davonport Modern kitchen Wood Brown

Grosvenor | Walnut And Marble Elegance


In this kitchen that uses a traditional wood-work design, the door is made of wood and glass and subtly blends into the design. It has the appearance of a large window and allows for plenty of natural light.

8. Making the most of the view

When your kitchen has a great I do not have a glass door. In this kitchens, parts of the wall are replaced with large glass panels that let in light as well as the view. In the interests of security, the glass and walls are reinforced and armored and not the type that breaks easily.Stay with us to see more enchanting kitchens

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