14 grille designs to protect your windows with style

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The windows of a house connect the interior with the exterior. Thanks to them, people can get a glimpse of your home’s interior, and more importantly you receive sunlight and fresh air besides being aware of the noises and smells in your home’s surroundings. However, windows also pose a security issue by offering the perfect gateway for thieves, or for receiving balls of children playing in the neighbourhood. So, just as you wear glasses to protect your eyes from dust, you should protect your windows from things that might damage them.

And, to help you do it with style, we have gathered for you some suggestions on grilles and protection to take care of your home and have a perfect facade. From simple designs with intricate iron work, to beautiful structures with concrete, what counts is the design and protection they provide.

1. Iron to frame windows with elegance

When designing protective elements, we recommend that you consider the type of window you have. If they are sliding windows, for example, leave a space of approximately 10 centimetres between the window surface and the protection. If they have hinges, then you should leave enough space for them to open, plus another 5 centimetres.

2. Crisscross design

Grilles will also help you to decorate your home, so when choosing them, pick a design that looks good both from the inside as well as the outside.

3. Metal grilles with geometric designs

If you have a simple design for your window, you can use grilles or bars to give it a bit of personality. For this, you can choose some geometric designs with contrasts created by light and shadows. This will also help to decorate your interior with the lines of light that reflect on the walls.

You can consult a professional to help you with a custom design that's perfect for your home.

4. With metal shutters

Metal shutters help not only to protect your home, but also to maintain the privacy of the interiors. They look modern and stylish too!

5. With wood panels

If, in addition to security, you are looking for privacy, then wooden panels like those in this project will offer everything you need. It will allow you to control the amount of light entering the room, and it has natural elegance.

6. With decorative concrete walls

The materials used for grilles and grates can also vary according to the style of your home. These concrete sheets, for example, are perfect for a modern home.

7. For a classic finish

If you are looking to give your home a classic and cosy look, you can use a traditional design with a curvilinear finish at one end. Wrought iron is best for this.

8. Intersections for a modern façade

To make horizontal grilles more stylish and less boring, you can combine them with opaque surfaces, like the columns that divide the top windows in this design. In fact, you could carry through this combination to other parts of the home for a better result.

See Window treatments for ideas on dressing your windows stylishly.

9. In simplicity lies elegance

There are two ways of combining protection. You can either have a discreet window with an ostentatious grille or a stunning window with a simple grid. If both the elements were equally simple or striking, the charm of the design would be lost.

10. A protection grid

Square metal grids are one of the most common styles for window protection, and the advantage is that you can adapt them to any size, style or colour of windows.

11. Metal rectangles, completely modern

A rather interesting, and more modern, variant of the square grid protection are the concrete rectangles that we can see in this image. It is a perfect option for minimalist, modern or industrial houses, although you could replace the concrete with wood and add it to a rustic home.

12. Like window blinds

What if the protection not only provides security, but also helps you to regulate the sun? It would be perfect! In this design, the exterior panels help to reduce the intensity of sunlight, and can be an excellent choice, especially when you have furniture near the windows.

13. Wooden shutters

Shutters are another option for providing privacy while protecting glass windows. They also help to regulate the amount of sunlight entering the interiors.

14. Custom design

Wrought-iron grilles can be custom made to adapt the protection element to the design of your window. You can either stick to the existing grille design in other parts of the home, or add a few stylized elements on your door and or window grilles to make them distinctive.

Which of these ideas will you use for your windows? Let us know in the comments.

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