7 sensational plants which can be planted in modern gardens

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Having a garden in the house is simply great. You can represent your creative self through garden décor as it has become an art now. Garden décor is complete with the right combination of plants and furniture – their choice and their accommodation. There is the common notion that some kinds of plants can be used for exterior décor of garden, but there are several things that need to be taken into consideration while choosing the plants.

For instance, one must have knowledge as what kinds of trees can be planted as per the climatic condition of the place or what kinds of flowers can make the garden look bright and vibrant or more elegant. Most of the people do not think about these little things and hence they don’t, the effect they want to see in their Zen garden. Mentioned below are some excellent ideas and suggestions so that you can arrange for the best garden décor for your home:

• Lavender paths with immense charm

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If you intend to transform your exterior garden space with tranquility and reflection, lavender plants can work wonders for their color and simplicity. Lavender plants are small and give the garden a wild appearance. Not only this, the scent of lavender is excellent and commonly used for relaxation purposes. If you want the garden to be a place for relaxation and energy recovery, plant lavender plants in the way shown in the image.

• Tropical beauty and elegance

There are homes which come with simple exterior appearance. Using outdoor plants for decorating the space is a great idea. There are different kinds of plants which can be used for decorating such spaces. There are plants of which the leaves are of bright, vibrant colours; there are also plants which have colorful and exotic flowers. The whole garden looks extremely colorful and bright with such plants. Using plants with various colorful flowers is a great idea. It is like creating a colorful bouquet with different kinds of plants.

• Elegance and purity – planting flowers and plants with long stem

If having an elegant looking garden is what you want, you must look for plants that are different from others – look for plants with ostentatious flowers or flowers with long stems. Check this white Agapanto. The best thing is to combine such plant with some other smaller plants. Place the plants strategically, maybe in geometric shapes so that they look arranged by the edge of the road. The arrangement can also be made by the wall. On the whole, a great setup for an exterior garden.

• Majestic and ornamental tree

While choosing the plants for your garden, make sure that you find time for the work. Dedication and honesty are great factors which should be taken into consideration while choosing plants for the exterior garden. Because without these you will not be able to care for your garden. If you are a person who is supremely busy and will not be able to devote lots of time to the garden, think of plants which do not need much care and maintenance. Try adding some natural elements to the garden, which can also make the place, look amazing.

• Practical decoration with these succulent plants

If you thought that plants in the home have to be ornamental all the time, you are mistaken. Try planting plants which have healing properties or which are used in aromatherapy. Some of the best examples in this regard include chamomile or aloe plant. If there is no space for planting these in the soil, you can use planters and pots for the same and hang them. On the whole, a rustic ambience is created with such a setup. However, the whole idea is quite modern.

• Using ferns for creating the green wall

This setup is just perfect for homes with modern settings. Using ferns is a great way of decking up the modern house. The best thing about this décor that any part of the house can be decorated with the same. Vertical gardens can be created on the wall of the structure by making holes on the façade. Different kinds of ferns can be used in this setup. The best and most important thing is that these plants do not need immense care.

• Small shrubs and palm trees

Isn’t it quite obvious that you choose the plant for your garden while thinking of the place where it will be planted? This is because you need to have an understanding as how much space the plant will need to flourish and prosper properly. If there is not enough space, the plant might dry as it will not be able to spread its roots. Again, there are trees which have very strong roots, which can cause damage to the house structure. If there are problems, it is recommended to settle for small plants with colorful flowers and few small palm trees. This setup is perfect from the sense of aesthetics and from the point of protecting the house structure.

• Pines with minimalistic design

Houses with minimalistic design should have a garden which matches the settings of the place. And for this, there is no better option that choosing pine trees. Pines are great from two aspects – they look more elegant and secondly, their shape can be delimited. Along with the pine trees, various kinds of colors, neutral shades and textures can be added to the space to make it look more sophisticated.

• Herbs which give wild and modern appearance

When you want to give your garden a wild, yet modern appearance, you can choose from the wide varieties of herbs available. Grasses from Pampa, tail of plumerillos and tail of fox are some of the most common herbs used. These herbs look excellent and grow wildly and fast. Moreover, they don’t need much care and maintenance and fill up empty spaces quickly. With these herbs in place, you will not need many other plants in the garden.

• Perfect pasture

Grass is probably the best vegetation for garden décor. Lush green grass forms the best base for any garden. Just ensure that the grass is trimmed properly and maintained in shape so that it looks uniform and cool. You can also add small flower plants in the garden to make the place look bright and beautiful.

With so many ideas at hand, you can try the garden option that seems most suitable for you and implement the same in your house.

Now, those were a few design ideas that are sure to make your garden your neighbour's envy. Pick one that appeals to you!

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