10 divine pictures mandir designs for your home

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mandir or temple holds a pious place in any Indian home. We Indians are basically religious by nature. Offering prayer to God is a part of our daily ritual. A mandir is a place where we feel soulfully connected to God. But it is not possible to visit a mandir daily. Isn’t it? However, we can dedicate a place in our home for mandir where we can pray and meditate as per our convenience. Mandir is also considered to bring good luck and positive vibe in the home. Today we have brought 10 divine mandir designs for your home. Our professional designers have beautifully transformed an ordinary space into a soothing pooja space where you can spend time praying and meditating either alone or with our family.

Have a look!

​1. The tinkling door

Bells hanging on the door of the mandir create a pious environment. The opening on the wooden door allows you to have a darshan of the idols even without actually opening the door, especially when you are in a hurry. But when you have time, sit quietly and pray or meditate. The tinkle of the bells will fill the air with divine hymn.

​2. Stairways to nirvana

A small corner has been beautifully converted into a serene pooja space for the family to get together and get connected with God and each other. The stairway that reaches to the statue has drawers to store the pooja stuffs. The bells hanging from above look amazing and complete the mandir.

​3. A sacred wall

What a holy way to partition the space! The partition wall has been carved to create a sacred mandir. It is a well designed pooja space that looks stunning. The three different textures on the wall are quite artistic and innovative. This mandir is a perfect amalgamation of wood, plain wall and wall with mural engraved on it.

​4. Elaborate and elegant

An elaborate wooden mandir erected between the two pillars of a room elegantly partitions the room. The intricate wooden carving hanging from above is stunning. A beautiful statue stands on marble and wooden table. The best thing is that there is lots of space around the temple to sit and pray.

​5. A room between the room

Sandwiched between the two rooms, this pooja room is a perfect place to sit quietly for rendezvous with God and your inner soul. It is a simple mandir made of wooden panels that holds bronze idols. The wooden door has beautiful carvings on it from which a glance is possible even when the doors are closed.

​6. Modest and minimalist

Nothing can beat the serenity of simplicity. Three simple blocks of wood in three different sizes stacked one over the other, an idol sitting on it and beautiful rangoli drawn on the floor; it’s enough to feel religious and divine connection.

7. A niche called temple

In small flats where every inch matters, build the house of God on the niches of the wall. Separate the long space with glass shelves that will hold different statues for you to pray.

​8. Traditional temple

This is a very traditional temple build between two walls. The intricate detailing of the space is the perfect replica of what we usually see in temples. The sanctity of the temple is preserved by the generous use of golden and red on white marble wall.

​9. Calm and serene

This simple and sober pooja space is a perfect blend of peace and tranquillity. The delicate carving on the marble wall behind the idols looks elegant. The wooden table has marble top where the idols are kept. The textured wall and perfect lighting will surely soothe the mind and soul.

10. The wooden mandir

The wooden temple merges with the pink wall that has bells painted on it. The sanctity of long wooden mandir is maintained by the marble slabs that cover the wood and the idols are placed on it. It has sufficient drawers to store the pooja stuffs and even has a floor to wall cabinet in the corner to keep the pooja room clean and organized.

Here are the 10 images of Pooja rooms to start the month well

Which pooja room idea did you like the best? Do get back to us with your thoughts, suggestions and ideas.

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