18 excellent designs for interior stairs in small houses

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Homes with storeys are connected to each other with stairs. Even a house with first floor needs to have a stair, which will connect the ground floor to the first floor. Stairs are not only important but also busy passageways. This is the reason that they should be carefully built and should be maintained well. Also, if stairs are made beautifully and stylishly, they add to the beauty of the home considerably. If you thought that for making a grand looking stair, you need lots of space, you are mistaken. You don’t need much space for creating the best impression in a small house. Mentioned below are 23 excellent stair designs, which are highly suitable for small houses and add to the beauty and aesthetics of the place. Make your small house shine with these awesome stair designs:

1. Complete elegance with dark wooden staircase at entrance

Wood has special appeal and there is no denying of that fact. The simple wooden stairs add to the décor of the place excellently. Add luminous points at pivotal points in the stairs so that incredibly beautiful results are created.

2. Adaptive to space in wave form

Check out this staircase style – a perfect combination of wooden stairs and metal rails. This combination is excellently in sync with the color palette which has been used in the interior décor of the space. You can feel the warm landscape, which helps smooth transition from one space to another.

3. Combination of metal and glass

Thinking of an invisible ladder? Well, you can definitely think of saving space with this combination. The stairs are made of glass, while the framing is of a metal structure. For elegant and sophisticated environments, crystal stair designs are great options.

4. Narrowing steps for optimising space

The black marble adds a new dimension to the stairs with the texture. A simple design can be turned into something really elegant and sophisticated with a little creativity. Just ensure that non-slip straps are added to the place.

5. Staircase with multi-functionality – for moving up and down and storage

Check out this staircase design and you are sure to be amazed by the same. Along with coming up and going down, these stairs also act as storage space in a smart manner. Think outside the box and see what a creative design you can make out of a staircase in a small space.

6. Practical and light staircase – not needing much space

When there is space constraint, it is always recommended to look for practical and light solutions for staircases and other things in the house. You will end up saving lots of space in the long run and the décor of the space will also be enhanced considerably.

7. Modern and circular stairs

This helix shaped stairs are really great to look at. The best thing about them is that the beauty of each stair can be seen individually from all the angles. With proper lighting, the stairs look simply amazing.

8. Stairs in single section without a rail

If you can risk stairs without rails, this is a design with which you cannot go wrong. Wood is the main material used for the stair. Wood is light in weight and therefore a metal base is provided with the same so that strong steps are created. Keep the color combination in mind.

9. Invisible steps for sense of spaciousness

If you want ultimate sophistication and softness for the décor of your home, you can definitely think of this star style. These glass stairs come with an amazingly beautiful design. The stairs have a perfect combination of colour, shine and purity. Your guests are sure to be surprised by the elements.

10. Bright but narrow

Wooden stairs will never go out of date, whatever new options come in the market. You can add a new dimension to the old wooden stairs by adding bit of light in the space smartly. You will develop an original design for the stair in this way.

11. Floating steps with fine railing

The combination of wood and metal goes excellently well for the stair design. Wood is lightweight but strong and highly preferred choice for stairs. The floating steps with sleek metal railings helps in providing a warm, light, but modern image all at the same time.

12. White coloured stairs with white railings

For confined spaces, there is no better option than this stair design. This design is no doubt a classic in appeal. The railings are traditional and so are the stairs with a carpet on the steps. There is an elegant and vintage air in the space.

13. Pure minimalistic design

There is nothing better than minimalistic designs for small spaces. Check out this design and you will understand. Only a few lines on the white walls change the whole appeal of the place drastically. Along with making the place look elegant, there is also a functional and practical aspect associated to the design.

14. Slightly experimental design

If you love experimental designs, you will surely love this one. In this design, the main structure looks to bend and twist on its own axis and create a unique shape. Creative bridge is created between the first floor and the ground floor with this kind of staircase design.

15. Staircases in two sections with glass railings

The glass railings helped in creating barriers without losing any extra space. In fact, these railings made the stars look more stylish and transformed the whole design into a modern setup.

16. Concrete stairs with marked inclination

It is possible to create an excellently elegant space without making high investments for the same. Think of concrete stairs in the home with proper lighting for the best effects.

17. Freshness and elegance combined in one

If you think elegance could only be measured in square meters, you are mistaken. Aesthetics and design play a pivotal role in the same. Check out the stair design and you will understand clearly what it all means.

18. Simple

This design is probably the simplest of stair designs seen. Though it is simple, it has a style to it, which needs mention.

Try implementing the stair designs and make your home look stylish and elegant. Also check out 20 pictures of small gardens under the stairs here.

Those were 18 uber cool staircase ideas that will give your home a great makeover. Which one do you plan on implementing?

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