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Let's see how we can make space for a home office in small spaces, and create a stimulating and interesting place to work. Creating a suitable environment for a home office can increase work productivity and make work more pleasant. 

Browse through some home office designs and home office ideas here at homify and figure out what suits you best. 

Decorating the home office

Decorating the home office can help to make the space more stimulating and interesting. In this home office design, a neon sign offers some moral support and makes the space more interesting. The table is adorned with a terrarium, a small potted plant, and other decorations, creating a pleasant environment to work in.  

Space saving home office

A sleek little shelf that hangs on the wall with a wooden desk that can be unfolded may be all you need to create an office space at home. It must feel nice to actually literally be able to put the work away in the end.  

This space saving office desk is designed by Boconcept Germany

Create privacy with a room divider

Many of us make space for home offices in a shared area like the living room. Working at home can be distracting, and a little privacy might help to boost productivity. This room divider is also a vertical garden and will provide you with the oxygen you need to keep your brain pumping! 

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Add inspiration to your home office

Add inspiration to your home office by having shelves of books that stimulate you. This home office design has created a little library of books leaning against the wall in a corner of the house, giving a productive vibe to the space. 

Home office for two

Home office for two because two brains are better than one. It can be more fun and productive to have a workmate.

A splash of fun and colour is nicely introduced in this design with funky office chairs. This office space creates a lighter, cheery atmosphere. 

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