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Have a beautiful garden all year round!

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A beautiful home deserves a beautiful garden. A private retreat of your own, a garden can be an intimate place for connecting oneself with nature. Tilling the soil, watering the plants and seeing the flowers bloom can be a rewarding experience; the result of hard work put in. An ill maintained garden will do no good to a pretty house. A garden is a live and dynamic space that needs a lot of tender loving care as changing weather conditions can wreck havoc on the plants, flowers and the grass. How does one maintain a garden in perfect condition all year round? A lot of factors play a role in achieving this and here we give you some tips to follow. 

Choose the right type of grass

No garden is complete without some grass cover. Tiny or huge,  lawns are great for the view as well as practical for family events and gatherings or just some space for oneself. Choosing the right grass for your garden is extremely important. Almost all grass is classified into cold or warm seasoned grass, as the name suggests, flourishes in both climates. So make the right choice according to the weather, however in most cases, homeowners prefer a mixture of both in order to have the perfect green cover all year round.

Watering is the key

Water is life for any living being and plants are no exception. They would fail to thrive if they aren't watered regularly. Water canisters for small potted plants, sprinklers for the lawn and a regular low speed water pipe are a must for any garden owner. If on a vacation out of town, ensure that the watering is contracted out to an agency or a gardener or if you have friendly neighbours who would be happy to fill in for the job in your absence; take their assistance. Many a gardens have suffered due to absence of the home owners for prolonged periods of time.

Use fertilizers when needed

It is best to use natural fertilizers like compost and manure to keep the plantation healthy, but it is fine to treat your green friends with chemical fertilizers once in a while. Severe weather conditions can be a great danger to the health of plants and limited use of fertilizers can help them endure many infections and extreme climates. Just be careful of going overboard, as extensive use of fertilizers can cause irreversible damage to the soil in the long run.

Cut the grass and the weeds regulary

Boulders and rocks for an oriental feel. Minimalist style garden by Anne Macfie Garden Design Minimalist
Anne Macfie Garden Design

Boulders and rocks for an oriental feel.

Anne Macfie Garden Design

Weeds are a definite sign of lazy gardening. They can be unsightly and in some cases, harmful to other plants and grass around. In order to keep the weeds away, triming the grass at regular intervals is important. A weekly or fortnightly lawn mowing should be the bare minimum for every home lawn. Improper mowing also is a big risk as, too short can damage the roots of the grass, while too long can cause the weeds to thrive. So mow according to the grass species and keep them at the ideal height as much as possible.

Learn how to plant

Planting is crucial to a well maintained garden. Choosing the right plants for the climate, sowing the seeds at the right depth into the soil, transplanting saplings at the ideal distance from each other, watering at the needed frequency; all these play an important role in how the final garden will turn out and for how long is the condition of the garden sustained. Learning how to plant is also therapeutic for many, as seeing the plants grow is a joyful experience in itself.

Learn how to trim

Lawn mowers unfortunately are infamous for their inability to work around the edges and corners. So for a perfect lawn, trim the grass with edgers and trimmers manually. This may take up some time but worth the effort. You do not want some weeds to be growing at the edges left out by the mower as that would defeat the purpose of lawn mowing completely! Thankfully, edgers and trimmers are available in many styles and sizes for this purpose. So go ahead and learn how to trim the grass for the perfect looking garden through all seasons. Here are some Beautiful lawn inspirations for that perfect garden you want to have. 

It is not difficult to maintain a garden in a perfect condition at all times. But what matters most is the passion for gardening and a love for beautiful natural surroundings around the house. If you have the passion, it will reflect in your garden.  If you like classic home gardens take some inspiration from here.

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