The best tandoori grills for small courtyards and gardens!

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Outdoor parties and holiday meals are no fun without a live barbecue or tandoor, are they? Barbecues are usually associated with huge outdoor spaces, but barbecue grills for small courtyards are must have appliances for those who enjoy airy open spaces and have a love for fresh grilled food, but do not have the luxury of generous outdoor spaces. What kind of barbecue grills are best for such a setting? Do not make the mistake of getting a humongous barbecue grill which will take over the entire courtyard space. Get something which is compact yet efficient. We look at some worthy contenders; beautiful, functional and practical, these barbecue grills will surely ignite the foodie in you and entice you to plan the next house party in the open.

Custom made brick and steel tandoor

How about an embedded classic brick and steel oven grill in the courtyard wall? Isn't this perfect? This custom made bricks grill looks rustic, authentic and takes little space. The chimney is an added feature so no worries about smoke (though some people prefer that). This can be made to fit different budgets, from bare basic to one of a kind with many more added features. 

So whether you have a small, medium or big sized backyard/ lawn/ open space in your home, barbecued food is always an option with these super compact and efficient grill options. From classic wood to gas to modern electric ones, go for the one that suits your personal taste and style.

Folding grill

Camping fire pit with grill, folding legs and bag La Hacienda Garden Fire pits & barbecues
La Hacienda

Camping fire pit with grill, folding legs and bag

La Hacienda

Folding grills like this one are super compact due to their foldable legs. Mobile and light to carry, these grills can be placed anywhere in the courtyard. They could even be shifted under a porch if it starts raining or snowing and the party needs to shift under the roof. They are easy to store and maintain as well, so a pretty no nonsense and useful barbecue grill for a small courtyard. More such folding grills can be chosen from these options.

Round Grill

Portable firebowl Hen and Hammock Garden Fire pits & barbecues
Hen and Hammock

Portable firebowl

Hen and Hammock

Round barbecue grills like this one are most common as they are easy to light and contain fire within. Classic barbecues are often round and hence the love for round grills. This one here is a simple metal large sized bowl atop a basic sturdy table stand and a grill on top. Apt for small courtyards as well as for outdoor picnics that include travel.

Picnic grill

Pizza firepit La Hacienda Garden Fire pits & barbecues
La Hacienda

Pizza firepit

La Hacienda

Again an easy to move around picnic grills of this kind are suited both for barbecues and pizza preparations. They are is quite compact and ideal for small parties. Simple construction and small size ensures that anyone can try their cooking skills with them. As the name suggests, carry it along for beautiful outdoor picnics to savor your favorite wines with barbecued delicacies in perfect natural surroundings.

Electric grill

Electric grills are the most compact of all since they do away with the requirement of firewood completely. An induction base with grills above it serve the purpose of a regular barbecue, sans the fire and smoke. Induction tops are fairly common for regular cooking and electric barbecue grills are a super convenient option for users who do not wish to indulge in preparing wood and setting up the fire. Temperature controls in induction are added benefits that make the cooking process smooth and easy.

Custom made concrete grill

A small sized barbecue grill can be cheaply custom made in the corner of the courtyard. A few bricks and some cement to smoothen the rough edges, makes for a fairly good grill outdoors. A smaller sized version of this barbecue grill makes it a worth while option as it can additionally serve as a table too. For non barbecue days, it can be a nice place for a bonfire as well. Another fabulous ideabook on fire pit ideas for the backyard can be read here.

Gas barbecue

Gas barbecue also does away with woodstock and fire, hence pretty compact and competent. Easy to handle, no fuss barbecue grills like this one are low maintenance and easy on the pocket. The only care that it needs is that the gas source needs to be carefully placed away from the heat, especially when in the open. Barring that, its an excellent choice for small courtyards.

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