21 pictures of balconies and terraces with railings

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Balconies and terraces, as well as their railings, are significant details in the facade of a house. You can use varied materials and designs for them, according to the style of your house, after consulting the architect who is doing your project.

It is very important that the professional whom you choose gives you several options to consider for the facade of your house so that the final design is not only the correct one, but also to your liking, as it will be something that you have to live with for many years, and seeing your house’s façade daily must bring you joy always.

Join homify as we walk you through 21 ideas of balconies and terraces with railings.

1. Wood on the façade

This design uses wood in the façade – in the pedestrian access gate, the door of the garage as well as the railing of the terrace. The similarity in the material and the design, along with the tiled roof, makes this façade shine.

2. A large terrace that protects the entrance

In this house, the transparent railing serves to establish the importance of the terrace, which covers a part of the house and the garage. The terrace and the transparent detail bring a horizontality to the house’s design.

3. With a large terrace and a small balcony framing the entrance of the house

This balcony with a simple white railing, above the garage of the house, becomes very interesting due to the planters that create an additional element in its design. As you can see in this photograph, the house is nourished by these details, so that the façade becomes remarkable, especially in conjunction with the natural greenery at entrance. Choose appropriate outdoor plants, and if they are flowering varieties, even better.

4. The transparency of glass

This ultra-modern house has interesting structural details, like the angled wall that frames the facade and the transparent glass rail. This material protects the balcony without detracting from the other construction details that need to be highlighted.

5. Combining materials

This solution, for an internal facade of the house, is simple but excellent. Plain white or stone walls and wood will always be a great combination.

6. Modern and elegant

In this façade, which has a modern and elegant design, volumes of different colours and textures are noticeable. The balcony has been designed as the only negative space of the facade, with the absence of volume retracting the facade towards the sliding door of the room. The space between the balcony walls has been limited with a low glass panel as the balcony railing, with its transparency forming a cube between the walls, floor and ceiling.

7. In this innovative house, a simple balcony

A house with novel design, here, the materials lend it a unique texture, while angles of the roof contrast with the horizontality of the facade material. The transparent railing looks great with night lighting.

8. Defining a balcony

The first floor of this house is completely clad with modular material, and the balcony is almost invisible as it blends into the background.

9. An invisible railing

In a facade design like this one, which has each floor framed along the edges with ceiling plates and eaves at the sides, the balcony of the second floor cannot be seen, as it is designed with a transparent glass railing, so that it does not alter the look of the facade.

10. Glittering metal on the rail

Metal bars in both directions form this railing that belongs to a very modern and simple balcony on the roof over the garage.

11. Surrounding the roof

On the roof of the first floor of this house, there is a terrace that has been designed to expand the home’s space. In a very modern and simple facade that combines interesting materials, the railing of the terrace has to complement the design. Made of vertical metal elements that are painted white, the rail runs close to the perimeter of the terrace and has a lot of transparency.

12. A modern design for the façade

A modular building, like this one with an elementary volume, should have a simple railing that keeps to its spirit.

13. A classic railing from the past

In a very small facade, where the modular openings of the balcony door and the window define the style of the building, a balcony with vertical iron grilles and a horizontal rail on top is a simple design that does not detract from the facade or any of the other elements.

14. Balcony and entrance porch in one

On the façade of this house, the material that stands out is the stone. On the porch of the entrance, with its colours ranging from the white to various shades of coffee, the volume of the columns also forms the railing for the balcony on the roof of this porch. The balcony could easily go unnoticed.

15. For a traditional house

Projeto info9113 Modern houses



The railing of this very traditional house uses two components, glass and wood, to guard its beautiful balcony.

16. Curved forms on the façade

In a façade that has curves in its design, the railing cannot be left behind. The curves of the facade are replicated in the metal elements that make up the railing, following each bend, so that it does not detract from originality of this home. The very elaborate facade has a simple rail that adapts to it.

17. A wooden pergola with rails in the same material

In this terrace, which is covered with a wooden pergola, it’s only natural that wooden railings are present in each of terraces and balconies.

18. Simple and contemporary façade

In this house, the facade has a demarcated space for the balcony. With large thick frames forming the walls, floor and ceiling of this space, it is delimited by the metal and glass railing that encloses the niche in the façade. The lighting adds to the design, by creating an interesting look at night.

19. In a colonial house

The design of this colonial-style house draws attention with its stark white wall, tiled roof and large spaces that link to the patio through sliding doors framed with dark wood. The balconies are designed with handrails in wood to match the classic style of this beautiful home, which has harmony in all its details.

20. A house with glass on its façade

When you see this facade, the glass is what attracts attention. The balcony railing on the first floor of the house complements the glass with its transparency ensuring that light penetrates the interior.

21. The rear façade of a modern house

The upper floor of this modern house has been designed with a balcony that looks out over the patio with pool. The design of the façade is very contemporary, a large concrete box that envelops the two floors of the house. In the balcony, the contrast of the white wall with the glossy finish of metal bars and a planter increases the distinctive look and design of this railing. What do you think about this detail?

For ideas for railings for Indian homes, see this ideabook.

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