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17 roof designs that will make your façade look fabulous

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Roofs usually cover the internal spaces within houses. However, they also help to define each area of the house. A ceiling that is too high for a very small room, such as a bathroom, can make the proportion of space unsuitable for the area, and the person using such a room might feel insignificant.

The size and shape of a roof must be appropriate for the function of the room that it covers. In this article on homify, we show you 17 different roofs, so that you can discuss them with your architect, to verify which of these are suitable to use in your home. We also present facades, as roofs covering the social area of the house might have a double height or a ceiling higher than normal, which will affect the overall look of the facade. Enjoy seeing the options!

1. With a white border

This roof has practically no slant, but the detail that gives it character is the border painted in white. Note the two long edges, which ensure that dripping water from the roof does not run down the underside of the eave to stain the facade.

2. Tiled roof

A roof made of terracotta tiles can be designed with a slight slope, as in this photo, thus lending the facade of the house an excellent appearance.

3. Large concrete boxes

Concrete is excellent to use for the roof structure as it is very malleable and can be designed into different shapes to highlight a facade, as in this case, where it looks like large boxes containing compartments that are open or closed with glass. It makes for a very interesting facade.

4. With alternating volumes

114, URBN URBN Modern houses

In this façade, the wall continues upwards, past the roof deck with a ridge. Here, you can see volumes that alternate at different levels.

5. Sloping roofs

The inclination of a roof creates a cosy ambiance in the space that it covers, inside the house. In fact, if it is a very wide roof with a high ridge, you can build a room in the space under the roof, with windows within the space, like in this image.

6. Roofs in different planes

Some homes have roofs that are well-defined, like this very modern design where several planes form an interesting façade, and each of the planes is at a right angle to the walls.

7. Roofs with lattices and openings

In this image you can get an idea of everything that can be achieved in a façade with an original roof. Latticework partially covers the facade and serves as a pergola to protect the spaces inside the house. This is an innovative way to combine these light elements, vertical and horizontal, in the façade.

8. Roofs intercepted by planes

The flat roof of this house is relatively thick. Hanging from its structure are wide planes, which add an interesting element to the façade with interruptions that break the monotony.

9. Roof and wall that support the floor of the terrace

The roof in this house forms an integral part of the floor and wall design, making it a support structure for the terrace of the house, an element of design that can be seen in upper floors and in the main façade. It is versatile and easy to include it in any house, with the help of a professional architect or designer.

10. With wood

A roof of wood and tiles is practically indispensable, especially in certain types of houses such as this one, which has a rustic style.

11. A metal structure in the pergola

If you have a terrace on the first floor, this design will fit in perfectly, since an elegant structure can help to cover the area. You can plant creepers along the structure, or fix an acrylic sheet that filters the light to protect the area from too much sun.

See this ideabook for some beautiful pergola designs.

12. An iron structure

A metallic or iron structure, which is well-designed and painted with a colour such as grey, like in this home, is a perfect design for a flat roof that can be installed quickly. The ceiling under the roof structure is cladded with wood to add to the beauty of the façade.

13. With trunks defining the structure

If your house is like this one, with curved walls, organic design, and white walls with a Mediterranean feel, this type of roof is ideal for that style. The roof slightly protrudes from the facade, and the well-proportioned eave is decorated throughout its length with trunk-like blocks of wood.

14. For a small house

This roof has an interesting design, which is defined by the overall structure of the house… the iron in the façade, the glass and wood cladding. The white strip of the flat roof is topped by a small pergola made with iron, glass and wood.

15. Defining the balconies

The roof along with the walls can be used to define a space, like they do to the patio of this house. The interior wall, which is made of floor-to-ceiling glass, is removed from the plane of the facade, to allow sufficient space for the entire area in front of it to function as a patio.

16. A unique roof

Sloping to the ground, this roof shelters the exterior spaces of the house—the gardens, entrance of the house and patios. Everything inside the large space is covered by the sloping roof.

17. A typical rustic-colonial roof

The sloping roofs made of clay tiles define the style of this house. It complements the rustic colonial design, with arches over the roof in some areas to limit the terraces on the upper levels. It’s a large house with colours, shapes and design that bring to mind an earlier era.

Which of these designs will you choose for your house? Answer in the comments.

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