10 pictures of 5x7 bathroom floor plans

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A 5x7 bathroom may not be a luxuriously large bathroom. It is quite possible that it may be the smallest room of the house; but there is no reason why it can’t make a splash or make its mark as yet another beautiful part of your home. A small bathroom is a great place to experiment with bold colours, tiles, lighting or glass and mirrors. Every details matter and each detail can transform a small space into a beautiful and stylish retreat. Our designers have done a wonderful job with 5x7 bathroom floor plans. Today in this ideabook we have put together 10 amazing pictures of these small bathrooms. So, let’s dive in and have a look!

1. The magic of colour

The bright colour of shower curtain, towels, the toiletries, and even the green plants in white pots pops up in this pure white and grey bathroom. The sparkling colours are making it shine. It is a smart way to liven up the small space and also cut the monotony of light shades.

​2. Refreshing and relaxing

This predominantly white bathroom with a generous dose of red and a ceiling in white, brown and golden is strikingly beautiful. The uneven wall is giving a depth to this small bathroom. A small patch of mosaic tiles against a white backdrop is eye-popping. But what’s really grabbing all the attention is the leaf shaped mirror on the wall.

3. The black beauty

Monochrome is fashionable and will remain so forever. Even in a small space it will look great. Take a clue from here and play with the shades of black and white and let its beauty spread in the space.

4. Elegant and sophisticated

The pastel shade of this bathroom will make a small space look elegant and sophisticated. Light shades make a small room feel roomy. It will also soothe and relax the mind and soul while having some peaceful ‘me’ time under the shower.

​5. Glitz and glamour

The glittering blue mosaic tiles in the shower area separate it from the glamorous brown and white walls in the rest of the room. A slightly elevated shower area clearly demarcates the wet and dry area of the bathroom. The two contrasts in the same space will create an illusion of slightly larger room.

​6. The geometrical patterns

Trick the mind and amaze yourself with different geometric patterns. The only decoration in this bathroom is in the form of the curvy shape of mirror, the circular cut outs fixed on the wall, the tear drop shape of the wash basin, and the rectangular niche with a hidden light. Normal is boring! Just play with shapes.

​7. Playing with textures

Stone, wood and mosaic tiles; it is lots of texture and materials incorporated in a small space but then it all merges with each other beautifully. The neat and clean unobstructed look of this bathroom is making it feel spacious.

​8. Blue room

Different shades of blue looks amazing. Single colour in a small space provides uniformity in the room and gives it a depth creating an illusion of a larger space. Just play with colours while designing your own bathroom and choose the colour of the tiles that you like the most.

​9. Setting the mood

A proper lighting is enough to set the mood. The size will hardly matter then. The earthy tone of the textured walls looks amazing. Glass enclosure separates the shower area from the toilet seat. The length and breadth of the room has been exploited well to create a well designed and beautiful bathroom.

​10. Uniformity in its look

Uniform look in a small room gives the impression of the space being long. It adds to the depth of the room. This bathroom is exactly what we are talking about. The walls and the floor are covered by the same dark colour tiles. It is well balanced by white ceiling. Uniformity is having an amazing impact in the small room.

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Tips for 5x7 bathroom designs

The rectangular layout of the 5x7 bathroom calls for ensuring that the arrangement of the room allows comfortable access to the basin, toilet and shower, without any of the elements making the area look cluttered. The toilet design plan will depend in no small extent on the position of the bathroom door since it will open inward and should not obstruct access to any of the elements.

Small bathroom floor plans – wet and dry zones in a 5x7 plan

Like in any bathroom design, small bathroom floor plans with shower stall or a designated wet area for the bath is ideal as it simplifies cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, from a safety perspective, keeping the wet zone separate reduces the risk of slipping and falling in the bathroom. By working with an interior architect, you can get the perfect 5x7 plan for your bathroom.

Do you have more ideas to make a bathroom look spacious and beautiful? We are waiting to hear from you.

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