21 amazing ideas to beautify the entrance to your home

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We all have heard the adage ‘first impression is the last impression’. The same stands true for your house as well. The entrance of the house helps in creating the first impression, particularly when guests are visiting your place for the first time. It is quite sad but true that we often ignore the entrance of the house and do not pay proper attention to its décor.

Mentioned below are amazing ideas of giving a new life and décor to the home entrance. The dull looking space can be transformed with these interesting ideas:

1. Use a different material for coating the wall

The addition of some new kind of texture can change the way an entrance looks. To emphasise the entrance, cover a wall with brick, wood or stone or combination of all. You can also add suitable lights and mirrors so that the space looks well lit. Doing this can be less expensive as all the materials are costly. But there are synthetic alternatives available readily in the market and these can bring in very realistic results.

2. Stylized furniture, rug and use of light

In case you have a narrow entrance, it is recommended to keep lesser numbers of objects so that the passage remains smooth and free. In this case, the sleek, stylised furniture with the table lamp and the rug on the floor give the entrance a nice and cosy appearance. Geometric patterns need special mention.

3. Use of wood, flowers and candles

All these three elements – wood, flowers and candles have a sense of closeness and warmth. Decorate the entrance with these items and see how they help in spreading the cosiness all throughout the house. Flowers not only enhance visual appeal, but also spread sweet fragrance with their presence. Candles illuminate the space in a subtle and romantic manner, creating a beautiful ambience overall.

4. Maintaining harmony

Ensure that complete and proper harmony is maintained between the various pieces that make up the house entrance. Check out this project in which the ladder is right next to the entrance. What is special in the setting is that the colour of the steps is in sync with the arrangement of the bamboo reeds. Moreover, they are in contrast with the deep wall colours and create a beautiful impact. Moreover, proper placement of bamboos in the house helps in bringing good energy to the space.

5. Using suitable wallpapers

Wallpapers have been used extensively for transforming different spaces in a house. The same can be used in the home entrance as well. You will have to check as what kind of wallpaper will be most suitable for the space and use accordingly. Check out this wallpaper and see the impact.

6. Textures, colours and plants

When plants are used for décor, it adds a special touch to the space for sure. The best thing about this kind of décor is that it does not involve great monetary investments and time at the same time. Try implementing this décor in your entrance door. Vibrant wall colours, textured surface and small interior garden completes the entrance décor perfectly.

7. Hangers

Hangers are actually highly functional in nature. They can however be turned into something very decorative. Hangers and handles can be used in an innovative and unique manner for adding a new impact to a space.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

8. Mirror, console and the plant

Check out this simple setup for home entrance and see the magical ambience that is created. Only three elements have been used in the entire décor of the space. The potted plant adds greenery to the space; the small console looks smart and the mirror adds a chic appeal. It is simple but highly effective setup.

9. Smaller details

While thinking of entrance furniture, keep in mind that they should be in sync with the style of the objects that are there in the rest of the house. Concentrate on the facing wall too. Try using mirrors on the wall in the way as shown in the image and see the impact that is created.

10. Use of vinyl

Wall décor in homes can be accomplished excellently well with wallpapers. With these, now use of vinyl is also seen commonly. The impact of vinyl is also very good. Interestingly, vinyl is a more versatile option and comes in various designs and sizes. Choose the one that matches your requirements perfectly. Usually entrance of a home does not have windows. Choose a vinyl for the entrance in a way that it provides the illusion of depth.

11. Keep on changing the décor to break monotony

Try changing the décor of the entrance from time to time so that there are no chances of monotony setting in the space. In fact, you will also get the opportunity of playing with various options. You can add dynamism to the area with this amazing trick. The objects you use in the décor will depend on your mood and on the kinds of guests you are expecting to welcome.

12. Change the main entrance door

One of the easiest ways to make the entrance interesting is to change the door. Try filling up the entrance with elegance and light. Install a door through which natural night gets entry into the space. A sense of spaciousness and illumination is obtained with this kind of door choice for the entrance.

13. Pay attention to the floor right in front of the entrance

Like the walls, the floor right in front of the entrance can make a great difference in the way the place looks. You can create unique and creative style in the entrance with the help of a ceramic floor with geometric motifs. Such a setup helps in creating an illusion of spaciousness. If installing a ceramic floor is not possible, try placing a rug with similar motifs to create the same impact.

14. Slate wall with drawings or phrases drawn and written respectively

If you are looking for some fun ideas for the entrance, try having a slate wall. This is all the better if there are hangers at the entrance. On the slate wall, you can either draw pictures or write interesting phrases and motivational quotes, etc. Humorous notes can also be left on the surface.

15. Multifunctional mobile

In case you have a small home entrance, one of the best options is to install a multifunctional mobile there. The piece of furniture should have shelves, drawers and hangers so that you can keep necessary things with ease. A small rug in front is also a great idea. Try this, it is fantastic!

16. Interesting fireplace at the entrance

Take a look at this amazing fireplace. You can also call it as an ecological chimney. Placed strategically at the entrance, this element provides the area with heat, as well as colour and style. Your guests are sure to be taken aback with this amazing setting.

17. Using lots of light and vibrant colours at the entrance

Bright and vibrant colours have the capacity of producing positive psychological effects. This is the reason that the entrance of a house should have vibrant and bright hues. For accentuating the colour in the best manner, use light effectively. Keep the entrance well lit as it helps in spreading positive energy all throughout the house.

18. Adding colour on the door

Changing the door completely might not be a feasible option right at this moment. In such a situation, you can change partial colour on the door. See this example. Fringe of warm colours is used on the door. The same effects can be seen in the minimal furniture in the place and in the various frames. On the whole, the entire setup is modern, cheerful and elegant.

19. Modernity and simplicity

Using vinyl can not only be decorative but also have a great practical approach. The term ‘entrance’ is mentioned on vinyl and this has made quite a difference to the space altogether. Special mention also needs to be made by the simple detailing. Vinyl stickers are available readily. Once bored with a sticker, it can be taken off easily and replaced with a new one.

20. Long-pile blanket, bench and cushions

Having a chair or seat right at the entrance is a great choice definitely. In fact, it has practical and functional approach as well. Some guests might be too tired after travelling and getting a seat right at the entrance will be welcoming for them. Check out the setting in the image and you are surely going to be impressed.

21. Mirrors, carpets and large format art

This entrance is not only stylish, but also elegant and sophisticated. The carpet that is spread on the floor is extremely stylish. The full length mirror placed against the wall helps in reflection of light in the best manner. The paintings on the wall also look fabulous.                                                                                                                                                        

These tips are sure to help in getting fantastic entrance décor without much expense and efforts. Check out 11 ideas to redecorate your home entrance here.

Those were 21 really cool ideas to spruce up your entrance. which one is your pick?

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