6 mistakes in the kitchen which should and can be avoided

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Home decoration is individual choice and preference. The taste of one person varies from the other. However, it might happen that the person doing the décor does not have much understanding of the subject and this might lead to making some mistakes. The error in the décor not only hampers the aesthetic appeal of the space, but also affects functionality. In fact, the available space might not be utilised properly and the facilities available might have to be compromised with too. In order to avoid such mistakes, mentioned below are some tips, which can be kept into consideration while equipping or designing a kitchen.

1. Refrain from spaces which are not easy to clean

You might not believe, but it is true that kitchens tend to get dirty much faster than other rooms in the house. This is because cooking is done in the space. How much ever good ventilation system you might have, there is some stickiness and oiliness in the kitchen, which cannot be avoided. You might want to install some really fancy things in the kitchen to enhance the appeal of the space, but see that the spaces are easy to clean and maintain.

With these tips it is easy to have a clean, tidy kitchen and a good looking one on that. Working in a clean, organised and well-ventilated kitchen is always easy. Try designing and maintaining such a kitchen with these simple tips.

2. Disapproving the space

Kitchen island is definitely a great idea for the modern kitchen. But it should be installed only if the kitchen has large space. In small space if an island is installed, it will hamper circulation and movement in the place. when the kitchen area is a small one, it is recommended to go for other kinds of arrangements. Countertop attached to the wall is a great choice in this regard. however, if you insist on having a kitchen island, choose the size of the same accordingly. Also use the bottom of the island as abundant storage space.

3. Be careful of customizing the kitchen beyond limits

You can definitely customise the kitchen as per your choice, but make sure that you do not overdo the same in any way. The kitchen is a space for cooking and food; keep that in mind. Providing personal touch to a kitchen definitely makes the space cosy and comfortable. You can start with simple things like putting attractive magnets on the refrigerator door. You can also put a slate wall in the kitchen, where family members can scribble things and leave interesting messages. You might try to do something really extravagant and it might turn out to be a complete disaster. Refrain from taking such expensive risks.

4. Remember fixing and hiding everything between doors

In our day to day lives, keeping the dishes in order, keeping the pantry organised or keeping the countertop impeccably clean is something, which seems little difficult. But if these simple things can be managed in some way, working and cooking in the kitchen becomes an easy job. The refrigerator needs special attention in this regard. Keep the older products in the front so that they are used first. Also products with shorter validity should be used first.

5. Misuse of spaces creating real problems

Corner cabinets are seen in many homes now and they can become great hassle. This is because they take space which becomes useless for the weird design. But there are ready solutions available for such problems so that space can be optimised in the best manner. Excellent looks shelves and drawers can be created so that these can enter the cabinet and the space is utilised well.

6. Refrain from choosing very bright and eye-catching colours in the kitchen

Fluorescent green or pink chicle might be your favourite colour, but think 100 times before using it as your kitchen color. You spend quite some time in the kitchen and such bright colours will make the space boring in a very short span of time. Only if your kitchen is very large, you can think of such colours; otherwise it is a strict no-no. Choose neutral and comfortable shades for the kitchen so that they help in creating a soothing ambience. With shades, such functionality is also enhanced in the kitchen. You can easily spend some great moments in the kitchen with proper colours and décor.

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Now, those were six kitchen mistakes you must avoid when giving your cooking space a refresh. Did we miss any?

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