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Furnish your apartment on a shoe string budget

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Want to furnish your apartment, but do not have the budget? You need not give up on your plans of furnishing your home due to financial constraints. Think creatively and you can incorporate everything that the apartment needs within limited resources. Furnishing an apartment need not be an expensive proposition. Thanks to the availability of range of furniture and upholstery in several price ranges and some inspirational DIY projects, limitations in finances will not affect your home decoration plans in any way. So take notes and start furnishing your apartment the way you always dreamt of. 

Make a list of the essentials

Start with a basic list of the essentials, the bare minimum that you need for the apartment. A seating arrangement for the living room,  a bed and storage space all over. After the bare minimum is taken care of, the other objects can be added like a center table maybe for the living room, a side table for the bedroom and a dining unit for meals. For a minimalist, the basic list is enough most of the time! Depending on personal taste and budget, furnishing can be added or skipped completely.

Don't forget about what you already have

G House - Living Room NEN Minimalist living room

G House—Living Room


Once you have the list, check off items that you already have. You might need a sofa and a bed, but you may already have a sofa and bed unit. You might need a dining table but you do have a large working desk that can be used for dining too. Similarly storage racks and wall mounted shelves can be used interchangeable in all rooms of the house. So take care in assessing what you really need to get additionally so that each piece is utilized well. 

Invest in multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture is a great investment when budget or space is a constraint. Sofas that serve as writing desks as well, sofa beds, sturdy set of stools and ottomans are brilliant additions to your furniture collection. Multifunctional furniture can even be used in different rooms and serve different purposes. A solid wood stool may be a bed side stand in the bedroom, a seat in the living room or a stepping stool in the kitchen. 

Use recycled wine crates for storage

Recycling is an amazing way of being an eco-sensitive consumer as well as saving costs. These old wine crates could have well been dumped after a party, but a clever arrangement makes them great storage racks. Just get them sturdy with a little more binding and colour them if needed for a smoother finish.These ideas from professional recycling specialists can be of great help to your furnishing plans.

Use soft cushions and floor mats for seating

Floor cushions bluebellgray BedroomTextiles

Floor cushions


Choose a pretty rug as base and contrasting cushions for seating instead of going for a regular sofa. You can save a fortune by doing away with a fancy seating arrangement. A floor mat/rug can even be easily replaced and cushions covers are easy to change whenever you want to change the look of the room. Floor seating is informal and intimate, perfect for the earthy free spirit in you. For more living room renovation ideas have a look here.

Think DIY

Bonsoni Sherborne Oak Lamp Table - Made of a High Quality Grade of Oak homify Living roomSide tables & trays Wood Wood effect

Bonsoni Sherborne Oak Lamp Table—Made of a High Quality Grade of Oak


Getting your hands into carpentry may not be a bad idea after all. With so much help available online, you can easily create simple pieces of furniture on your own. Get the material of your choice, the right tools, embark on a weekend project of DIY and you can be assured of customised furniture. A lot of other decoration can also be done through recycling and refurbishing old items. Lampshades out of old bottles or seats from discarded car tyres, can help you save money.

So why hold yourself back when you want to furnish your apartment? Not everything that's expensive is the best. Investment in terms of time and energy can give you similar or even better results. In fact it's more fun and a more intimate experience about really re-thinking what you need, what you don't and what you'd like to do personally to create things for your apartment.  There are just so many more ways of furnishing your apartment on a budget. Have a look at some more inspirations about budget interiors here in this ideabook budget friendly interiors. Happy furnishing!

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