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Party decoration tips for your home

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Hosting a party at home can be both an enjoyable and stressful experience. There's so much planning needed especially when there's a large group of people. Decorating the home is an integral part of hosting friends/family/colleagues. As a good host it is nice to make guests feel invited and important hence attention to some sort of decoration does have an impact on the overall event atmosphere. Lighting, accessorising, laying the perfect table; all go into a great party entertaininment. So plan well and plan ahead. Here we give you some tips on party decoration ideas. 

Luxury Party

When hosting a luxury party, elegance and class is the key. Use of balanced toned down colours with contrasting vibrant hues for some added brightness is a good idea. Too much colour and focus on expensive items can seem to go over the top. Elegant lighting hanging from tress in the backyard, luxurious upholstery on sofas and chairs and center pieces as takeaway on tables and sides look classy and understated. 

Small Party

A small party gives you a chance to get yourself more involved in decoration as the area to be covered is smaller. You could either go all the way decorating to the hilt or do minimal work and focus mainly on food and drinks. If you own stunning crockery and cutlery sets, make them the center of attention by displaying them neatly on the table. Beautiful table settings are decoration by themselves and one need not bother too much about added frills for attention.

DIY items for party decoration

Ceramic Dishes The Letteroom Living roomAccessories & decoration
The Letteroom

Ceramic Dishes

The Letteroom

There's a lot that can be done by DIY techniques for party decoration. Paper lamp shades and wall hangings all can be made at home. These lettered ceramic bowls filled with dry figs and flowers make for pretty decoration pieces. DIY decoration is more intimate and personal. For the interested lot it makes perfect sense; fulfilling a hobby, showcasing skills and saving costs at the same time. Look for brilliant craft ideas available on Pininterest and the like. There's no shortage of some amazing stuff online.

Party for kids

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Candle & Cake

Stylish Event and Room Decorations

Candle & Cake

When hosting a party for kids, think fun, fun and fun. So indulge in lots of balloons, confetti and ribbons. Add as much color as possible. No kids party must have a neutral colour theme. From bright curtains to colorful crockery and vivid food that gets kids interested in indulging. Care is needed to include unbreakable decoration items as much as possible, when younger kids are around. So go wild with vibrant colours and have fun with kids while being one with them.

Garden Party

Outdoor parties are much fun as there's a natural surrounding and fresh air. Make most of the nature and try including plants, trees and flowers in the garden in your party decoration plans. These pretty handing glass candle stands are perfect for evening gatherings. Hanging from the tress, they look beautiful and allow candle light in the outdoors. A perfect way to get understated natural lighting and decoration for a cosy and warm dinner party. Some additional tips on entertaining outdoors.

Party Lighting

Party lightning must be customised according to the theme and occasion. A young fun bachelor party with trendy music and dancing cannot have subtle lighting. It needs to be bright and energetic, just like the people attending it. For intimate family and formal dinners candle light makes the ambiance peaceful and calm. Scented candles can also serve as room refreshers making the space feel cosy.

Perfect party decoration can't be difficult with so many ideas around. It only needs careful planning and attention to detail. Not all party decoration plans are heavy on the pocket. Simple but thoughtful ideas go a long way in making the host's home beautiful and inviting. Be it outdoor, indoor, big or small, party decoration can be the perfect tool to showcase your style and love for entertaining your guests.

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