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7 Vastu tips for attracting money

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Vastu shastra is known as the science of architecture. It describes the principles of layout, design, measurement, ground protection, spatial geometry, and space arrangement. Apart from introducing positive energy in your home, it can also help you with attracting money. It means that there are numerous simple vastu tips that you can use for ensuring financial prosperity. Here is a list of seven such tips that you should consider right away.

1. Attractive entrance

The first thing is to maintain an attractive entrance. In vastu shastra, it is believed that if your primary entrance is not beautiful than financial prosperity might not come your way. Also, nothing should be placed in front of the door. In addition to this, the gate should never drag.

2. Water feature

Adding a water feature within your home will not only make it look beautiful but will also help you attract money. These features can be in the form of fountains whether placed indoor or outdoor. You can also opt for art pieces which are related to this element. However, you should never put them above the level of your nose.

3. Organise things

Keeping all the rooms of your house well organized is an absolute must in vastu shastra. It is believed that in order for you to attract money it is essential to provide an inviting ambiance. If your home is not well organized, then it might have an adverse effect.

4. Clean kitchen

A kitchen is the most used room in the house which is why it is all the more important to keep it clean. A spick and span kitchen will increase your financial prosperity many folds. Also having fresh produce like fruits and vegetables within the area will attract money in abundance. You must even throw away any expired food item if you want this tip to work.

5. Clean the clutter

Apart from organizing, another thing that you must regularly do is decluttering. Make sure that you have only the things that you require in your house. Anything which is damaged or torn should be thrown away immediately. You can also turn it into a once a month decluttering routine to ensure prosperity.

6. Add colours

Colours not only add a vibrant touch to the place but also brings prosperity to the family. The ideal choice of colours should include tones of red, green, and violet. You can either paint your structure with them or use it in the form of accessories like carpets or cushions.

7. Empty rooms

One should never keep a room empty according to vastu shastra. Decorating it and making it look cheerful should be your ultimate goal. Empty rooms which are cold and dull often tend to have a negative impact on the energy of the home. Also, they make the place look unattractive.

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