8 tricks to protect your house from bad luck

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If you want to bring good luck into your life, we recommend that you follow the 8 tips that we present to you today. Popular wisdom mixed with religious beliefs and other elements are the basis of many superstitions, which are not easy to ignore. So, we have put together for you 8 ways to protect your house from the ill effects of envy, negative energy and evil eye.

1. Lucky bamboo

We can bring in good luck with elements that are used in various cultures. One such well-known element is lucky bamboo, which is believed to enhance fortune. This exotic object can be found in stores specializing in Asian products, or in the home section of a department store or with florists.

2. Common salt

How to remove nazar with salt? Common salt is a mineral with properties that are believed to protect against witchcraft and evil eye. Some people place a salt line around the perimeter of their house to protect it against evil spirits. A simpler way to achieve this is by sprinkling salt near the door of your home as it will prevent evil spirits from entering.

3. Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers drive away the bad energies and clean the environment as well. They are also a beautiful decorative element, and since they help you to eliminate bad luck, you don’t have to think twice about filling your house with fresh flower arrangements!

4. White candles

Light white candles in your house, because they are the right ones to attract good energies into the space where you place them. Similarly, popular belief has it that lighting black candles will attract all sorts of misfortunes, so it’s best to avoid them in your home.

5. Fountain

Water absorbs bad energies, and they get flushed out with flowing water. When you want to bring peace and relaxation while simultaneously purifying the environment, the best alternative is to place a fountain in your yard or garden. Even a small one will do the trick.

You can get help from a professional to design the perfect fountain for your space.

6. Essential oils

They are powerful allies to bring peace to the environment, and thanks to their aromas you can attract positive things like love, good health or fortune. They protect not only the person who uses them, but also the space.

7. Burning incense

Another way to cleanse the negative energies in our environment and attract the positive energies is by burning incense. The white smoke is believed to have health benefits, both physical and mental. The aroma also helps to achieve a spiritual and meditative setting.

8. Lemon, vinegar and baking soda

By mixing lemon, vinegar and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) you can create an effective product to clean and protect your house from bad luck as the mixture obtained from these three ingredients can be used to clean the floor and all other surfaces. Additionally, the result will surprise you!

See Skip the cleaning stress—7 amazing tips for more ideas about keeping your house clean.

More tricks to keep bad luck at bay

If you are wondering how to remove bad luck, try and paint your interiors in neutral and light shades. It can be extremely relaxing and will make your rooms appear bigger and brighter than they are. You can add vibrant cushions or artworks for visual interest, as you see in this living room. For evil eye protection, you can also paint the walls with a light shade of yellow as it cancels out negative energy. Yellow can make your room appear warm, cheerful and inviting. Avoid dark colours.

How to remove nazar in a simple and cost-effective way? Clean your interiors regularly and keep clutter at bay. Organize as much as you can so that the rooms look neat and clean and you can find essential things on time. Try to avoid furniture or decorative accessories with sharp corners too. That way, your family members and even pets can stay out of harm’s way. We love how this beautiful dining area comes with rounded chairs. 

Do you have any other good luck tips to share? Let us know in the comments.

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