7 ideas to decorate a long rectangular bedroom

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When the shape of the bedroom is itself challenging such as one that’s long and rectangular, decorating it also becomes a challenge. Though it will sound strange but the fact is that bed is the most passive piece of furniture in the bedroom. However, the truth is that it is an indispensable part of any bedroom. In fact the decoration of the bedroom revolves around it. Everything else in the room is arranged based on its position. 

Our professional interior designers are here to accept every challenge to make your life easy and bedroom beautiful. Have a look at these 7 amazing ideas to decorate a long and rectangular bedroom and get inspired.

​1. Beauty in simplicity

In a long room keep the bed in the center so that there is enough space left for nightstands. It is a simple décor where smooth and wooden texture on the wall gives it a modern touch.  Three beautiful cage lamps add to the fashion quotient of the room. The reflective mirror on the cupboard door is giving depth to the room and making it look broader. The end result is amazingly beautiful.

​2. The wide window

A window running along the length of the room will create an illusion of broader space. Instead of just having the curtain covering the window, cover the whole wall with it like it is done here. Use the vertical space available and hang a beautiful chandelier, it will uplift the look of this.

3. Playing with lights and shades

Looking for gorgeous bedroom design ideas? Here is your answer. Lights play an important role in the decoration of any space. It can make or break the look and feel of a room. Get inspired and make your long and rectangular bedroom as spectacular as this from the image. The simple room and its naked wall are decorated only by the lights and its shades. It is mesmerizing!

4. Dark and its lighter version

Paint the smaller end of the wall in a darker shade and the longer walls in the lighter version of the same colour. The combination of dark and light will create a magic in the room. Also it will make the room feel squarer than long rectangular.

​5. Breaking the monotony

Break the monotony of the long wall in a creative way. A wooden shelf fixed on the wall, paintings hanging on the opposite wall, the hanging lamps, graffiti on the corner and the colour red well coordinated with predominant grey; it’s modern and chic. This design also offers you the right space to place the TV in your bedroom.

5. From a different angle

​6. Lavish and elaborate

Make the most of what you have, the length of the room. The same wall paper extends covering the ceiling and it is adding to the depth of the room. The furniture, furnishing and the little detailing all perfectly fits into the space and completes the theme of the room.

​7. The niches on the wall

Depending on the breadth of the room, find a way to have the bed and a nightstand against the same wall. This will leave enough space in the room for the free movement. Use the opposite wall for a storage unit or the wall along the length of the room for it. Keep a movable recliner and a small table where you can relax while having your coffee. For wall decoration, use the niches to create a drama.

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Other interesting ideas

This minimalist bedroom interior design features a range of subtle colours and elegant woodwork to produce a comforting and soothing ambience. In addition, instead of a feature wall, the room has been adorned with two long wood panels that extend from the ceiling to the floor and eventually blend in with the side tables to create a flowing design. Moreover, to make proper use of the entire space, the professionals have also incorporated two lounge chairs in classic brown colour.

Here, the evergreen cream shades on the wall and the trims behind the bed make sure to provide the required amount of grace in the room. In addition, the green furnishings and the small potted greens create a perfect contrast with the rest of the monochromatic setting. Furthermore, the customised closet provides adequate storage capacity while the strategically positioned mirror makes such incredible bedroom layout ideas for rectangular rooms to look even larger.

Which of these designer bedrooms inspired you the most? Leave a comment.

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