This is how you lay laminate flooring- a guide

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Today’s homify article will guide you on how to lay laminate flooring. Contrary to belief, laying the laminate floor is a relatively simple operation. The professional help of a paver expert is a good idea, but you can also get good results with a DIY solution. And it is cheaper than seeking an expert’s services as well!

Replacing the old flooring and laying a new laminate floor is quite advantageous in many ways. First of all, the laminate floor is perfect for both residential & commercial buildings. Secondly, it is very resistant to scratches, shocks & humidity, as well as much more durable.

In this article we will offer you a brief guide on how to lay the laminate floor in a few simple steps. Ready? Here we go!

1. Before you start… … .

Durable with great aesthetics, laminate flooring is really a great solution for renovating your home. But before getting started on it, you need to take care of some things:

a) Clean the existing floor panels thoroughly and if necessary, remove them completely;

b) carefully decide upon the position of the laminates to be laid;

c) open the packing box one day before laying, so that the laminates can be adapted to the moisture content of the room; and

d) remove the doors from the hinges, to work with convenient ease.

2. Underlay.

The underlying substrate, an insulating material commercially available in strips, is very important for the proper laying of laminate flooring. If it is already not integrated into the laminates, it is essential to purchase & stretch it before proceeding with laying of the laminates themselves, so as to reduce the floor noise.

To lay the laminate floor in the best way, the substrate must be applied perpendicular to the laminates. To bind the laminates, an Aluminum tape is a great idea.

Finally, it is important to remember that if you have a floor heating system, a polyethylene film must be applied before undercoating to avoid ruining the laminate flooring.

3. Getting started on the laminates.

Once you are done with the preliminary necessities, start laying the laminates following these simple steps:

a) Lay the laminates without fixing them, to properly measure their size;

b) make tailor-made cuts, remembering to leave a 10 mm space for the spacer wedges onto the walls; and

c) after laying the first laminate as advised above, follow suit with the other laminates, paying attention to inserting the laminate strip along the previous one with an inclination of nearly 30°.

To make the new laminate floor stand out, make sure to choose the right lighting for the room!

4. Doing it row-wise.

Lay the laminates, one row after another. In the previous step we showed you how to apply the first row of laminate strips to lay the floor correctly.  To begin with the second row,  apply first the piece of sheet cut from the previous row, thus creating a staggered effect that gives motion to the ambiance and adds aesthetic value to your floor.

In order to properly accomplish the layout of the laminates, simply paste them into each other until you complete the row. Easy breezy, no?

5. The right cut.

To lay the laminate floor the correct way, you need to pay attention to the cuts made so that each laminate is laid correctly.

Some adjustments are to be made when laminates are cut for portions bearing pipes- a precise measurement of the pipes is the key. The laminate strip must be cut for the circular part with an appropriate saw and for the linear part with an alternative saw. The spot where the lattice intersecting the pipe is positioned, you could add a cover to conceal it from sight.

It is advisable to cut the laminates evenly in length to avoid a visual disharmony.

6. Finishing touches.

Last but not the least, once you are through with all the previous steps, it is time to focus on the final touches:

a) Remove the edges, using a cutter for any under-filling surplus;

b) fix the skirting boards/ strips along the wall; and 

c) re-attach the doors & check that they close properly.

Ta-da! Your brand new laminate floor is ready!!

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